Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

Freedom to do what you want, when you want, in a peaceful environment without affecting the lives of others is what human rights means to me. It simply means you are entitled to certain rights  because you are human. According to the united nations there are thirty human rights. The freedom to be treated equal, to speak your mind, the right to privacy, the right to marriage and family and the right to freedom from slavery and torture to name a few in the long list.

All human beings are born free and they have the right to enjoy freedom and live with dignity. Today is blog action day wherein bloggers and writers from all over the world come together to discuss an important subject every year.  The theme this year is Human rights.  Blog action day was founded in the  year 2007.

Many people suffer injustice at some point in their lives.  In real life and also not forgetting the virtual world too.  Sometimes by enemies in the form of friends,  sometimes  in the hands of  close relatives and own family members,  by corrupt leaders and sometimes by predators in the virtual world.

The main aim of blog action day this year is to make people aware of their rights. This includes both men, women, children and senior citizens.  Only if we are aware of our rights, we can fight injustice. Human  rights cannot be taken away from any person except in specific situations. Human rights are universal and applies to all irrespective of gender and race.

One of the partners supporting this event  are Amnesty International. In 1961 Peter Benenson was shocked to read about two students who were put into prison for raising a toast to freedom.  He published an article ‘ The forgotten prisoners ‘ which gave rise to ‘ Appeal for Amnesty 1961 ‘ a world-wide campaign. It got a remarkable response from the masses. The mission of this organization now  is that everyone should enjoy all rights equally. Their goal is to fight injustice.


Amnesty International has compiled a range of information on forced evictions. What are forced evictions ? Forced evictions are violations of human rights with respect to the right of adequate housing.  No one has the right to forcibly evict anyone irrespective of where they live.  These people also have the same rights to adequate housing, water, sanitation, education and health care as all others do.  Forced evictions are illegal under law, but despite this many are evicted every year. Half of Nairobi’s population are at the risk of forced evictions. Most of them live in slums and they do not have access to services like water, healthcare, education and sanitation.

Amnesty International does amazing work in every field with regards to human rights in every country including India. They would soon  be focussing on implementing human rights education in Indian schools and universities.

How was Universal declaration of human rights ( UDHR ) created ?

After the world war II, countries were destroyed  and ravaged. The universal declaration of human rights ( UDHR) was adopted after the end of world war II on 10th December 1948, by united nation ( UN) General assembly in Paris.

UDHR promised to work towards ending war and destruction. It emphasized on the right of all individuals to live in a peaceful environment. The UDHR is an important document protecting the rights  and dignity of individuals, and propagating peace.  Many countries and individuals  have been inspired to create a better place where human rights values are respected and peace is an inspiration to all.

The declaration outlines thirty rights that are applicable to every single person in the world, regardless of country, gender,religion or race.

It was during the second session of general assembly in 1946 when people from various legal and cultural backgrounds of the world drafted the UDHR.  It was founded by eighteen UN members from different regional, political and cultural backgrounds.  Eleanor Roosevelt was the pioneer behind the document.

UDHR firmly believes that every human being has the right to freedom of speech, belief and there right to live in a peaceful environment.  UDHR is the foundation for being a world where human beings can live with peace and dignity.  Every human has a right to live in a peaceful environment with their own beliefs and rights. 


Everyone is entitled to full equality.  Everyone has a right to privacy. Everyone has a right to grow in dignity. Every person has the right to elementary education.  NO PERSON has the right to destroy what the UN declaration stands for.

Read, comment and share your views on the topic.  Join us on here on blog action day and make a difference in people’s lives. Let’s enjoy freedom and our rights and bring in change.  Watch and enjoy the video below which also lists the thirty human rights.

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