Ethics in politics

Politics and ethics

Apart from bollywood, cricket, food and culture, India is also best known for its politics.  It’s everywhere – in newspapers, in television channels and they are drawn into movies as well. It’s sometimes fun and amusing to watch the political scene in news channels. The battle between the opposition and ruling parties.

Now over the years the face of politics has changed drastically. It’s not something we can boast about or be very proud of.  The growing number of corruption cases against Indian politicians is alarming. The way some of the politicians behave and conduct themselves in parliament is not fun to watch anymore. Leaving their seats to howl at another, yelling, screaming, watching videos on the cell phone does speak volumes about them.  It also indicates that they don’t find it necessary to maintain order and decorum during the parliamentary proceedings.

I’m aware that politics is a complex game. It’s not an easy task to govern a large country. It  also requires a lot of mental strength to deal with the controversies, rumours and accusations which may sometimes be false. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact I salute those leaders and politicians who have dealt with  this and handled the situation in a sensible way. But it’s always appealing to see leaders who carry themselves with grace and dignity. Of course there are very few who maintain this.

Mudslinging, dragging down someone from the opposition party,  slandering is all part of the political game.  But it would be more acceptable to see some of the leaders behave in a dignified way. People have different views and there would definitely be political differences. But that does not mean that one should  go to any extent to prove their point. 

 Defaming and attacking personally at another does not damage the victim but speaks volumes about  the person who indulges in it. It’s a vicious cycle. It would be nice if our politicians conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Then there would certainly be billions of people who would look up to them and be inspired. Let’s hope that there is a change soon.

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  1. It’s the same the world over – parliamentary sessions. sometimes entertaining to watch. Yes it is a tough job something we don’t really appreciate.

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