Zest for life


A few days back my husband, me and my son were  heading  back to Bengaluru from Coorg. We covered our journey by road. At a certain junction, we had to wait at a traffic signal. While we were patiently waiting for the traffic lights to change, my attention was drawn towards a woman who was begging.  No, it’s not the first time I’ve seen her. I’ve been seeing her for several years now. I’m sure the people of Bengaluru must have noticed her too. She’s often seen at the Kamanahalli traffic signal.

She begs for a living.  But she’s different from the rest I’ve seen. In the sense that she always wears fresh flowers on her head. Most often it’s Jasmine flowers. She has a unique way of wearing the flowers on her head.

She clips the flowers to her short grey hair and they often dangle in front of her eyes. She can barely see with the flowers hovering over her eyes.  She keeps pushing them towards the side time and again to get a clear view.

What struck me the most about her was that she changes the flowers everyday. She has made it a daily ritual.  I wonder what makes her do this ? Even though she’s mentally unbalanced how does she know that she has to change the flowers everyday ? Who gives her the fresh flowers ? Does it bring her joy and happiness ?

I’m awe-struck at her spirit and her zest for life. She has no education, no assets, and neither a very bright future to look forward to but she continues to live each day at a time, making complete use of the resources she has at hand, example – the flowers.  The fresh flowers seem to be a source of happiness to her. Probably that’s all she could afford with the money she gets through begging.  

Even though she is a woman struck with poverty, she could be an inspiration to those, who despite having everything are not contented. It’s common to hear people committing  suicide unable to face certain situations. The reason – failure in exams, broken relationships, conscious about society and people, greed for wealth and so on. And here is this woman who possesses nothing yet has everything to go on.


14 thoughts on “Zest for life

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  1. A very important lesson to learn from the beggar woman. We usually forget to enjoy the little things in life… for one day when we will look back we will realize that they were big things!!

  2. Beautiful post and what an inspiring lady. It reminds me of my days in Mumbai where I often saw such women and street urchins wearing a smile despite being torn by an unfair life.

  3. Diana ! attitude is everything in life and its those little things that matter so much, thanks for sharing your experience, it also reveals how sensitive you are to notice these little things.. thanks for inspiring !

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