Gratitude can well be described as a feeling of thankfulness and peace. It’s being grateful for all the things, people, and gifts we are blessed with in our lives. When we cultivate this feeling we set ourselves free as then we are not bound to anything in the world that represses us. We make peace with ourselves and our surroundings. We start appreciating our blessings and take delight in lighter things in life.

 Gratitude can change our lives forever. The feeling of being grateful for all the things we are bestowed with itself gives us peace and harmony.

People whose hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation are truly beautiful. People with gratitude forgive and forget and just focus on the positive aspects of their lives. 

This virtue can be practiced every day in our own lives. There are many who keep a gratitude journal. You may ask what is a gratitude journal ? It’s a journal or a diary where you can list the things that you are grateful for. One can make this a daily ritual by writing about the things they are grateful for in their lives.  It’s also a great way to teach kids to appreciate what they have.

Here is my list – I’m grateful for

* being born into this world and having an opportunity to experience life in all its forms.

* For enjoying health which is more valuable than materials or wealth.

* For being blessed with loving Parents who have guided and supported me in the best way possible. 

* For being blessed with a loving sister and a caring brother. They have been my mentors.

* For a caring and loving husband who has been my greatest supporter and with whom I have to cross the journey called life.

* For a naughty but affectionate son. My constant companion !

* For all the relatives and genuine friends (real & virtual) who are far and near and have been and still part of my life.

* For being lucky enough to express and share myself with the world by God given opportunities through creativity, talent and inspiration. 

* Above all I’m thankful for just being me.

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This post is a part of Living gratitude series hosted by Corinne Rodrigues.