I’d do things differently

100 words

Women have become more vulnerable with the increasing  number of rape cases. Shocking! It’s not as easy as before to step out of the house without fear. Women have become cautious and vigilant.

I’d do things differently –

* Avoid  chatting on the cell phone while travelling as that can distract me from my surroundings.

* Avoid isolated areas away from public view.

* Women at home are at equal risk of danger  as working women are. I’d ensure not to entertain unknown people.

* I’d be alert while choosing public transport.

*  I’d not trust people who are over friendly.

This post is for 100 words on Saturday  -‘ I do things differently ‘. The prompt is given by Aditi Kaushal of Life is a journey make it beayoutiful


12 thoughts on “I’d do things differently

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  1. This was a different yet important and relevant take on the prompt. Liked the fact that you used the prompt to make your readers aware of some easy tips to keep themselves safe.

  2. That was a thoughtful take on the prompt. Very important points these are which many a times are ignored out of over confidence. Honestly speaking these days its not just women who are unsafe, but men and children are equally prone to security risks. How I wish things improve soon.

    1. I agree that both girls and boys are at equal risk. Some of the past incidents where minor girls were victims was disturbing. Words are not enough to describe the grueseome acts of these attackers. The recent incident in Bangalore where a woman was attacked in the ATM was chilling. Yes, we can only hope that things improve.

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