Benefits of blogging


It’s hard to believe that year 2013 is coming to a close. It’s even more surprising that I’ve completed one year and eight months in the world of blogging. The blogging world has to be a good place for sure.

I’ve listed a few points below stating why blogging is beneficial.

    * A blog is our own free space and we have the power to express ourselves and opinions at any time – Night or day.
    * It’s healing and therapeutic. It helps us to to tap our creative side.
   *  It’s an opportunity to churn our brains and think of a new topic every time we post. This keeps our brains active in a positive way.
   *  We master the art of writing. With each passing day we master new words and also different forms of writing.
   *  A great way of keeping ourselves updated with the latest news and happenings of the world and share our thoughts and views of the same.
    * A platform to connect with other bloggers from different walks of life  like Teachers, Doctors, Authors, Housewives and so on.  It’s an opportunity to interact with  like minded people with similar interests.
   * A great way of learning and sharing with each other.
    A blog is a step to change and inspire the world.
  *  It’s a place next to home where we can be ourselves.
    A way to gain prominence and recognition for our thoughts, ideas and writing style.
  *  A faster path to become a published Author.
     It makes it easier for our friends and family to know us better as a person. A chance for the world to know the real YOU.

These are a few points that come to my mind when I think about the various benefits of blogging.  Please share your views on the same. I’d love to hear your views.

Building an empire one letter in front of the other. – Coco J Ginger.


6 thoughts on “Benefits of blogging

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  1. Agree with all these benefits that you have listed!! In fact I am so glad that my friend inspired me start writing on a blog. It is truly a fab creative vent for me and a wonderful platform to meet like minded people!

    1. That’s so true that there’s no better platform to vent our feelings. I had no idea that the blogging world is such a vast place and I’m happy to be a part of it. I feel lucky to be connected with talented people out here.

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