New year resolutions


It’s incredible how fast we’ve entered the year 2014 and how swiftly the past year has flown by.  Each year has its ups and downs but we always await the New Year with new hope, new aspirations and dreams. We begin each year hoping it to be better than the previous one.

Although I like the idea of making a New Year resolution, I haven’t made one yet.  So, this would be the first time I would be making  New Year resolutions and I hope to carry them out.

I’ve seen many who make New Year resolutions and break them midway. But there are many who are strong enough to carry them out right till the end. They are committed to their resolutions and see that it is fulfilled. New Year resolutions may be tough to keep but it’s not impossible.

We can use the New Year to our advantage and make amendments in our lives. We get an opportunity to introspect our lives. It’s a time to look back and analyze our life and make necessary changes. It’s always nice to resolve to give up bad habits and execute good ones.

At least by making a resolution we pave the path to create a change for the better. It doesn’t matter whether we carry it out till the end. But the intention of doing something  good for ourselves or for others is worth the try. New Year resolutions could be the first step to make a bigger change in our lives. It could be the first step to change and inspire ourselves and others too.  So, I feel it’s fun and a good move to better our future.

My New year resolution is to be better than what I was before. I’ve mentioned a few of them below.

* I hope to read and write a bit more this year. I think it’s an achievable goal.

* To become more organized.

* To maintain healthy and meaningful relations with friends and family

* To be more positive.

* To become more health conscious.

* To enjoy life to the fullest.

So do you believe in New year resolutions too ? Please share your views in the comment section.


16 thoughts on “New year resolutions

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  1. Boy.. this year, i really have some high hopes… weight loss, changes in personal life.. its a process that started from 2013 honestly but have to make good on it this year.

    All the best with your resolutions 😀

    1. Roshan all the best on the weight loss and other goals. I’m sure you’d fulfill each of them. It feels wonderful to receive warm wishes from the write tribe team. It’s just the perfect start to the New Year 🙂

  2. That is quite a list of practical and easy to fulfill resolutions that you have put up. Here’s wishing you all the very best and hoping that you find the necessary motivation to finish up all of them this year 😀

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