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There have been quite a few spots in Karnataka that I’ve visited, but after studying this piece of article about a unique tribe in Karnataka, I immediately felt that there’s so much more to explore. I came to know about the Hakki Pikki tribe. 

Yes, the name of the tribe is quite uncommon. The tribe has a very strange naming ritual. They would name their kids on anything that caught their fancy or on  anything that was nearby. They could also name them after any place they visit before birth.  Some of the names of the members of this tribe are  Court, Cycle, Revolver, Vidhan Soudha, Japan and so on.  Isn’t it bizarre?  They basically name their children after people, places or things. This took me by surprise. And now the current fad is that they name their newborns after Bollywood actors like Juhi Chawla, Shahrukh Khan and Kajol.

The clan is a semi nomadic group and they live near Bidadi in Karnataka. Currently there are many members of the tribe who are coming forward to change their names since they feel it has become a hindrance to their growth. They find it difficult to acquire jobs in big cities as people don’t take them seriously.

Their main occupation is hunting and they reside in southern parts of India. It’s also said that they have ancestral connections to Rana Pratap Singh. I was delighted and amazed  at the same time to know that our country has such diverse communities, each of them with their own quirky traditions and rituals. I’m sure there would be many more communities that have unconventional traditions, waiting to be explored. So, this was all about the Hakki Pikki tribe in all its uniqueness.


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  1. Actually, this community and the unique naming ritual caught my attention and I was eager to share this piece of information. Truly, there are so many traditions and rituals which we are unaware of. I’m glad you liked the post Vishal 🙂

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