Invasion of Privacy

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We often hear about celebrities’ personal and private lives being invaded.  It’s a high price to pay when one is in the public eye. It’s quite unfair at times. In this digital age where our personal information is splashed in social media sites, it is so much more important to have  our private lives protected. A normal citizen has a right to privacy and there are laws to protect it.

What is an invasion of Privacy?

 1)  It is the intrusion into the personal life of a person without a reason. It is totally unfair.

2)  Intrusion on one’s solitude and into one’s private affairs.

3)  Public disclosure of private information.

4) Publicity which puts the victim into false light.

5) Offensive or unjustifiable access obtained to someone’s personality or personal affairs without her/his knowledge and permission.

6)  When a person intentionally  misrepresents  the character and activities of another person, it could be one of the most malicious forms of invasion of privacy. The victim then has the right to file a lawsuit.

7) If a person has used the victim’s likeness or name in an unauthorized public manner.

Invasion of privacy charges is usually pressed against an organization that has crossed a line or limit to enter into a private’s space. A non public person has a right to keep his or her life personal and private, free from the intrusion of others and Privacy laws are meant to protect us.

They are  meant to protect us from

* Intrusion of solitude

* Public disclosure of private information

* False light –  When a person deliberately misrepresents one’s character, then the victim can successfully sue the perpetrator for portraying her/ him in a false light.  Such claims which may not even be true can jeopardize a person’s professional reputation. 

* Appropriation – This involves misappropriation of a person’s name or image.  For example an unauthorized commercial use of a celebrity’s image could result in appropriation and the victim can successfully file a lawsuit. This kind of legal action can be taken against advertisers who morph the faces of celebrities onto other bodies to endorse a product.

No one can take away our personal image and use it an an unauthorized fashion. People have their own personal images.  One has every right to take action against others who uses their image in an unauthorized form.

Invading a person’s private space without his or her knowledge is not justifiable. It’s the most malicious act ever.   Which normal person would  want  people to  intrude into their personal space? Why do people get angry when their Privacy is taken away or compromised? It’s because Privacy is  freedom.  By having  privacy we have the right to be ourselves far from the prying eyes of the world.  Who would  like to be judged all the time?  Are we not humans first? 

  Snatching someone’s privacy is like snatching someone’s freedom.  Many people would like to keep their  lives private simply because it’s a personal choice, or to avoid discrimination, personal embarrassment, or to prevent damage to one’s professional reputation. We have to respect the boundaries that people set for us. We cannot cross limits and jump boundaries to get private information for our pleasure or other motives.

Note – Resources have been gathered from wiseGEEK.


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