LOVE and FAITH for God

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Many of us lead hectic lifestyles today, due to which we do not find enough time to focus on our spiritual lives and our daily prayers.  We are in a continuous race. The race to achieve our goals, aspirations and to fulfill our family needs. We also have to focus on our careers for our growth and development. But in midst of all this, do we remember God ?

I personally believe that we need to begin our day, by submitting it to God.  We have our own credentials that we can depend on, to manage each day but the ultimate decision on how our day turns out, comes from up above. He’s the one who has all the resources and he’s the one who has bestowed us with these talents.

Even I’ve been guilty many a times for not focussing much on my spiritual life. But I plan to make a change beginning today and I hope you do the same too. Have a wonderful day dear readers 🙂



8 thoughts on “LOVE and FAITH for God

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  1. Thanks for the great advice. The start of the day is the best time to submit to God. However, even if we’ve let part of the day slip by, we can stop at any time to make that submission 🙂

  2. I agree. He’s always there for the needy, sinners and Pious alike. I’d also like to add that our God is a loving God and he also believes in the power of FORGIVENESS 🙂 Thank you Joe for visiting and the nice words 🙂

  3. Nice perspective, Diana. How about doing good things and be selfless in our interaction? I’m quite an agnostic..hehe but awesome to see u writing on dianamusings quite regularly:)

  4. Agree completely. In fact we have this saying in Punjabi which says: Dukh vele ardas Sukh vele shukrana Har vele simran karo which means Pray to Him at times of crisis, Thank Him during good times, Remember Him at all times!

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