Exploring Blogger’s Block !


writer's blockWhen I first entered the world of writing, I was not aware that a term called ‘ Blogger’s block’ or ‘ Writer’s block’ ever existed. But now I think it does exist. May be the writer’s block is just another name of laziness. That I’m not sure of and I’m yet to figure this out. According to Wikpedia,  the definition of writer’s block is –  ” a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work “.

There are times when my mind goes blank on what to write. The flow of words are not easy. If it’s one of those favourite  topics that I’m familiar with, then the flow of words is much easier.  If I take a long break from writing, then getting back requires effort.

Normally I lose interest in writing only if I’m distracted by external events. In that case what  steps do I take when I’m faced with the writer’s block ?

I’ve listed three things that I normally do to get back into the world of writing.

* Take a quick break – Taking a break helps me to streamline my thoughts and then get back with much more energy and enthusiasm. A teeny weeny break is a must for me. It could mean just having a quick round of a hot cup of tea/coffee, or watching one of my favourite movies on television.

* Watching television talk shows – Watching television talk shows increases my overall knowledge on current affairs, social issues and the Indian political scene. These talk shows give me plenty of issues and content to ponder and write about.  It’s also quite interesting to watch people discuss on various topics and hear their viewpoints.

* Reading and writing –  It becomes easy to pen down words if one reads and writes on a daily basis. That has worked for me. I even love reading short articles in magazines and websites that are informative and catchy. The only challenge here is to take out time to pen down the words. Especially it’s quite daunting for people who are working out for long hours.

* Listening to music – Listening to music is therapeutic. It also keeps me motivated. Not a day goes by without music.

Writer’s block can be challenging at times and I think most writers go through this phase due to various reasons.  I’d love to know your views on the writer’s block and the steps you take to combat it.

This post is written for Write Tribe’s Exploring the blogger’s block.

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