I had been to a store recently, as I urgently needed to pick up a skin cream. To my surprise, I came across rows and rows of  skin lightening creams. I was dumbfounded. With much difficulty, I finally found a skin cream of my choice. Does this prove that we still aren’t comfortable with our skin colour ? Are we still living with the false notion that only being fair is beautiful ? I hope not.

Besides my personal experience, I’m sure we all have come across matrimonial sites that pay emphasis to the bride or groom’s skin colour, haven’t we ? Since times immemorial, external beauty of a woman has been given a lot of emphasis. Women adorned themselves with loads of jewellery, and fair complexion was associated with true beauty. But not anymore. Beauty is way beyond that. I think our generation has come a long way in understanding what true beauty is.

It doesn’t only mean being beautiful on the exterior. Being beautiful means having inner beauty, character, and a good personality. Like everything else, there are always exceptions. There would still be a handful of people who pay importance to skin colour. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The freedom of judging who is beautiful rests with an individual. However, it’s surprising to see that there are still many people who limit their views on beauty to skin colour. Continue reading at -> Women’s Web – It’s an unfair world : Be comfortable in your skin

Note : This was originally published at Women’s Web.