What Makes A Real Man ?

31st July  was declared as a ‘Bangalore Bandh ‘, to protest the rising number of crimes against women, especially minors. It evoked a mixed response. It’s pitiful to see that every few days the media displays news of rapes and sexual assaults, with women being the victims, almost always. Even after several protests, candle light vigils, and events, do our women feel safe to venture out on the roads ? I guess not. The Indian woman is still weary of her surroundings when she walks alone, especially if she’s unaccompanied.  There are plenty of reasons for this and I’ve highlighted some of them:

There are lechers in every nook and corner of our streets, eagerly waiting for their next prey. They don’t need to physically assault you. A glance is enough to figure out what their intentions are. Some of them don’t miss any opportunity to make a woman feel uncomfortable about her sexuality. Their expressions make us feel that we are not human beings but only objects of their desire.

There are tea and smoking joints in every corner of our localities. It’s not uncommon  to find groups of men hanging around these corners. There would be a few who would not miss an opportunity to stare at any woman passing by the road. The frustrated ones would go an extra mile and pass lewd remarks, too.

If you happen to go shopping in a busy market area that is clustered with men walking on the roads, then surely you wouldn’t return home before a few of them have bumped into you.  Will a womanizer ever miss a chance of bumping into another woman coming his way ? At least they would try and touch you at the slightest given opportunity.  There are some who get a high just at the thought of touching a woman…..Continue reading the rest of the post here -> What makes a real man ?

Note : This post was first published on Women’s Web.


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    1. It’s true that the learning process begins first in our own homes and I was glad to hear our PM speak in favour of the women folk. He rightly mentioned that it’s always daughters who are restricted and questioned but not the sons. He raised an important issue by bringing up the topic of gender biases out in the open.

    1. A real man according to me is sensitive, considerate to other people’s feelings and who doesn’t take advantage of someone who is in a weaker position than him even though he may have the power to do so. A real man protects the weak.

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