FreedomIs# : Freedom From Fear

We all have our own private fears, but Freedom from fear begins with the courage to admit to fear – and then work to overcome it.

We’ve devoted the month of August to freedom through the FreedomIs # campaign. To read more about the campaign, and see all the selfies contributed, click here. (And send yours too, so we can include it!)

It felt amazing to learn about the varied perspectives on freedom, by women all across India.  It was interesting to know that freedom means different things to different people. Indeed, Freedom is such an important word that without it, we can never be completely happy. Countries have waged wars  for freedom because it’s such an invaluable feeling and it’s one of the most important fundamental rights too. After all, would anyone be truly happy confined ?

It was difficult to write on any one aspect of freedom because it has different forms and all are equally significant to me. I ultimately decided to write about Freedom from fear because fear is the common stumbling block that we deal with on a daily basis.

We are all born free and gradually as the years pass by, our lives get entwined with fears and insecurities every step of the way. Leading a fear-filled life can be overwhelming and can have life changing effects. It is the situations and circumstances in our lives that create it and in turn, it has an effect on our psyche and our behaviour as well.  Every individual has fears and insecurities and sometimes we begin to feel threatened by situations that cause fear. …continue reading the rest of the post here -> FreedomIs# : Freedom From Fear

Note : This article was originally published in Women’s Web.


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