Mind Your Manners : A Beginner’s Guide To Social Etiquette

Social etiquette takes very little effort, and has multiple rewards. Here’s a beginner’s guide to social etiquette – how to make friends, and keep them!

We’ve all been guilty of committing a social faux pas at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Most of the times, we learn from our social bloopers and focus on brushing up on our  etiquette lessons so that we don’t commit these social blunders again. Etiquette comes naturally to some people and some nurture it along the way, learning from their surroundings and experiences as they grow through the years.

It’s understandable that no one can be perfect or faultless at etiquette, however there are common standard forms of behaviour that every person can learn about, because our social conduct affects others. Besides, etiquette is an important aspect of  our personality and an extension of ourselves, so why not project the best of ourselves?

Individuals with etiquette project themselves as being well-mannered, polished, and well-cultured – making them popular among all. Etiquette speaks volumes about us, our personality, our character, and most importantly, it reflects our upbringing. Our etiquette stands as a direct source to our jobs and our relationships with others.

A person without manners can be a turn off to many people, and they may even find it difficult to seek employment in good organizations, as they would be a source of negativity. They may set a bad example to the working environment, and may go against the work ethics of the company.

Etiquette creates a rippling positive effect on our social lives as our good reputation will always be spoken about. Our behaviour can be a source of happiness to others, and at the same time, it could also be a source of discomfiture to others. Owing to this fact we ought to take responsibility of our behaviour and actions.

I did some of my own research and came across some situations where many of us go wrong. Some interesting tips have also been shared, that are practical and  easy to follow – here’s the list: ….Continue reading by clicking here -> Mind your manners : A beginner’s guide to social etiquette.

Note : This post was originally published in Women’s Web.


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