12 Important Challenges we face as a Country.

I’ve listed twelve challenges, that come to my mind, which India is facing currently and hopefully we would overcome these in the years to come.  So, here is the list :

1) Corruption – The list has to begin with corruption. It’s very common and easy for us to get swayed by our greed, this applies to the common man and also the top leaders of our country. So, we need to fight our selfish urge of choosing the corrupt path. Corruption has pulled us back all along and if we need to move ahead, then we must try our best to follow the corrupt free path.

2) Poverty – There is a large section of our society that is below the poverty line. It’s unfortunate and hope the gap is bridged between the rich and the poor soon. The poor should be able to enjoy at least the basic amenities of life.

3) Improper infrastructure – The conditions of roads have to be improved to a great extent as only then the number of accidents and road rage incidents would reduce. ‘ Killer roads’ can be the cause of unfortunate accidents leading to loss of valuable lives. 

At the same time we as citizens need to follow, the traffic guidelines and road rules. This applies to both the drivers and pedestrians, only then it would be truly be safe to venture onto the roads. Our streets need to be safe, free from unpredictable animals which could be a  threat to pedestrians like senior citizens and innocent children. The public transport system has to be more adequate and effective.

4) Health and sanitation – Sanitation and hygiene are important weapons against disease. We’ve been battling the sanitation crisis since ages. The problem doesn’t only lie in the availability of restrooms but it’s usage as well. There are many who don’t avail this facility even with proper water resources and it’s due to it’s close link to education, social, local and cultural contexts. The government has targeted the year 2017 to achieve complete sanitation.

5) Garbage menace – One of the greatest menaces in India, is the garbage menace. Every nook and corner of our localities have become dump yards and even though waste bins are provided, there are still many who don’t  make use of them. These dump yards can become the hub of dangerous diseases as there is a close link between diseases and garbage.  Even rivers are getting polluted by industrial wastes leading to environment degradation.

6 ) Inflation – We’ve been battling inflation since many years even  prior to this government.  The rising prices of vegetables every now and then is sad news for the common man. It’s a major cause of concern as it directly affects the common man and the economy of the country.

7) Eradicating illiteracy – Illiteracy is one of the major concerns of India and the difference between the literacy rates between states is high. For example, Kerala has the highest literacy rate whereas Bihar has the lowest. There are also gaps between literacy rates of urban population and the rural population. Literacy can help us fight several issues that any nation faces today like violence and terrorism.

8) Over population – It’s been an on going debate, whether the population of India is a major cause of concern and does it really affect the development of our country. There are also questions as to why the population of India is not stabilizing. There could be several reasons and one of the main reasons – is a large number of people are in the reproductive age group.

9) Pollution –  India has to go a long way to reach environmental quality similar to those enjoyed in other developed countries. There is a close link between pollution, health problems and diseases.

10 ) Safety for women – Seeing the rising number of crimes against women, stringent laws must be in place, so that every woman feels safe to venture out of her home.

11) Gender biases / gender diversity –  Both the sexes should be able to enjoy equal rights and freedom. Women should not be restricted and questioned all the time. Again gender diversity needs to be accepted. We need to be more educated and aware about gender variations and individuals shouldn’t be marginalized based on their sexual orientation.

  12) Skin colour bias – Every human being is unique and have their own individual characteristics. Each individual is beautiful in their own way irrespective of their skin colour. Skin colour bias has existed since ages, and now people are gradually accepting the fact that beauty is beyond skin colour.

 This post is written for Write tribe’s Wednesday Prompt.




3 thoughts on “12 Important Challenges we face as a Country.

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  1. Those are good points but most can be taken care of if the Govt wants to .. they are chosen for 5 years if only they vow to work hard JUST FOR 1 year . india can change

  2. Good points. I think illiteracy, poverty and corruption are the most important. If these 3 are tackled first, it would be much easier to tackle the others.
    I particularly liked the fact that you have emphasised that we, the citizens of India, share the responsibility for solving these and other challenges.
    Lastly, it’s great that you described them as ‘challenges’, not as ‘problems’!

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