Effects Of Cartoon Violence On Kids

As kids most of us grew up, watching cartoons like He-man, Spiderman and Jungle book and I recollect how thrilled and excited we got at the idea of watching these cartoons. We wouldn’t want to miss a single episode. Unlike the kids of today who have so many options to choose from, we were contented watching cartoons on Doordarshan. We thoroughly enjoyed what we were exposed to on television and savoured the fun.

Times have changed and there are numerous cartoon channels that are available at the touch of a button. The kids have so much more to see now. However, it gets painful when our little viewers, get addicted to shows that are continuously prone to showing cartoon violence. Most kids, especially boys seem to love all the action. It becomes painful though when they get addicted.

Going by my personal experience, I’ve seen a change in my son’s behaviour after he began watching cartoons that displayed cartoon violence. He became more aggressive, stubborn and hyperactive. Initially I didn’t know what the reason was, but soon I figured the cause. It was the effect of the cartoons and he was beginning to identify with the characters in the cartoons. He began to idolize them. This is natural and this happens to every normal kid.

I have to be honest here that sometimes we as parents encourage kids to watch television to make our own jobs easy, and there is nothing wrong with watching Televison provided we are selective about the cartoons, our kids watch. A certain amount of television is healthy as it educates our child on different subjects, like wildlife, animals, environment and so on. Continue reading the rest of the post here -> Effects of cartoon violence on kids.

Note :  This post was originally published in Parentous.


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