A fun-filled day at Kids Prism

Children love outdoor activities and keeping this in mind, I accompanied my son for a kids workshop which was held at Kids Prism Preschool. Since the school was located at a short distance from my place, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, to attend it along with my son Aiden. The weather was favourable, as it was pleasant- neither too hot nor too cold. We reached the place at around 11 A.M.

I was greeted by the founder of the school Mrs.Disha Batra. Disha began her career as a teacher in Calcutta. She’s a montessori specialist and has an experience of more than seventeen years. The school is inspired by the Montessori method of teaching. When I first entered the premises of the school, I took in the complete view of the spacious surroundings. There was plenty of room for the little toddlers to explore and indulge in their playful activities. 

IMG_0656We began the day by having fun in the sand, the bucket and spade being the additional resources. My son always has a keen desire to play with sand, so how could he miss this opportunity. He played in the sand to his heart’s content and then we decided to take part in the art and craft session. He sat with one of the teachers, who coaxed him to do a blow painting. The results were to his satisfaction and then we proceeded to make a little penguin with a bottle and coloured chart paper.  Next he proceeded to make a Bumble bee with the guidance of another teacher. The faculty in Kids Prism were patient and they were interacting enthusiastically with the kids.

IMG_0650We got engrossed with the art and craft session which took approximately an hour. And then, my naughty brat was quite exhausted. We decided to take a round of the complete preschool. Disha was kind enough to escort us and show us different sections of the school. There was a library and a book reading room, for story telling sessions. The school is well equipped with classrooms where the kids are taught the ‘ Jolly Phonics ” and the ” Growing with Mathematics” programs.

I was taken up by the germination room, where the kids can explore the process of germination and see plants grow. Not many schools have this facility. They also had a audio visual room for educational purposes, a nap room for the little toddlers to sleep. Besides what has been highlighted, the preschool  offers many key facilities and attention has been paid to the smallest detail with regards to the child’s safety.


I was quite fascinated by the complete set up. I had a wonderful day, just exploring the place and Aiden savoured the fun with his fun-filled activities. He also got to take back his own gifts which he created during the art and craft session.  At the end of it all, we had a few photo sessions with our tiny tots. If you would like to know more about the kids Prism curriculum, activities and the website click on their  facebook page below -> Facebook page.


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