Rise and Shine : How To Deal With Criticism

Dealing with criticism can be tricky. Should you take it seriously or avoid it? Here’s how to deal with criticism, and use it to your advantage.

As a teenager, I remember disliking negative comments and people who were blunt. Gradually, as the  years passed by, I became more aware of negativity and its effects. We all come to terms that people are not always going to say sweet things about us. As I joined the corporate world, I got accustomed to taking the good along with the bad.

It was during the personal development  programs, that we learnt to improve ourselves in various aspects of our personality and work. That’s when I realized that it’s good to receive honest feedback about our work or else, we would never know our shortcomings. This helped me upgrade in the areas that I was weak in and evaluate my work and personality traits.  I performed better at work when I joined other companies. It was all because of the prior experience.

Now coming to criticism, it can be broadly categorized into two kinds, namely : constructive criticism and destructive criticism. And there are two kinds of critics – those who want to see us grow  and those who want to forestall our growth.

Constructive criticism

This kind of criticism helps us to grow and amend our personalities. Generally, we receive constructive criticism from our own kin, well-wishers, genuine friends, and relatives. They honestly disclose our flaws with the intention of seeing us grow. There is always good motive and intention behind constructive criticism.

If we receive constructive feedback,  we can utilize it as an opportunity to grow and refine ourselves. Constructive reproval should be taken with the right spirit as the feedback given is honest and genuine. It’s given by a person who is qualified in the subject and  has our best interest in mind……continue reading the rest of the article here -> Rise and shine: How to deal with criticism

Note : This Post was first published on Women’s Web .


2 thoughts on “Rise and Shine : How To Deal With Criticism

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  1. As long as its constructive criticisms, it always welcome for our growth and move up in terms of learning. However, there are some ego inflated superiors who criticize everything to put you down and it can be so demotivating. I feel it masks their failures or incapability.

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