Domestic violence is increasingly becoming a familiar reality in the lives of women in India. Here are some stories of despair, and hope.

Keeping in mind the gruesome incidents that have taken place over the years against women, many of us would come to the conclusion that a woman’s safest abode is her home. Think again. The danger could be lurking in our own homes – women’s lives can be in grave danger at the hands of their abusive husbands, partners, and in-laws, too.

I chose to write about domestic violence, is because it’s the story of so many Indian women, or at least the ones who I personally know. Most of us have experienced it first-hand, in some form or the other in our own marriages, or have witnessed it happening to our own sisters, mothers and friends.

If the abuse did not emanate from the husband, then it perhaps was from the in-laws or other members of the family. And it’s painful to see our loved ones suffering unnecessarily in the name of family tradition and values. This article has weaved together a few stories to understand the problem from a woman’s perspective….continue reading the rest of the post here -> Despair And Hope In The Times Of Domestic Violence.

Note : This Post was first published in Women’s Web.