A Step Towards A Cleaner India

Image source : TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com
Image source : TimesofIndia.indiatimes.com

 I came across the #Ab Montu Bolega campaign on Indiblogger and on visiting the website I was quite impressed with the creativity associated with it. It’s basically a wonderful platform where we can express our opinions and raise our voices on topics related to issues we face as citizens of India. These can be opinions that are close to our heart. It’s a campaign that aims in raising our voices for a cleaner India.

Speaking about cleaner India, I was truly impressed when Prime Minister Narendra Modi came up with the ‘Swach Bharat campaign’ on Independence day. This is because the sight of seeing our own surroundings, streets and our country as a whole clean, is a issue that  was always close to my heart. In fact as a kid when I saw foreign locations in movies, I wondered, why our streets couldn’t match up to theirs.

And we can’t blame the government solely for this issue. We are equally responsible. Isn’t it our responsibility as citizens to keep our streets clean ? Indeed, it’s our responsibility too, to ensure that we come half way to keep our city clean. And by this I don’t mean taking extreme steps. It can be as simple as not littering our roads. Wouldn’t our roads be clean if each of us did our bit ?

There are times when we go for morning or evening walks in our own localities. It’s pathetic to see garbage strewn around in every nook and corner. It’s difficult to even cross these streets, as one would have to cross the filth, grime, and flies that are sources of dangerous diseases.  And what about people who are staying in those areas. They are breathing the foul smell and polluted air day in and day out. One can imagine what effects this air could have on our health.

Then there are plenty of places where even waste-bins  are overflowing with garbage. They become hubs of diseases. Ultimately it’s us who are affected. Our families and our children.

The simple steps that we can take is to first not litter our streets and our surroundings. This would ensure that our streets, homes, parks, restaurants and hotels would be clean. The second step is to teach our children not to litter the streets and use waste-bins whenever possible. This would be a basic step to ensure that they turn out to be responsible citizens.  Educating them is the key.

Facilities like waste-bins should be provided wherever there is scope of masses to pollute the place.  Hoardings and boards should display signs educating the public to keep the surroundings clean. The local bodies should ensure that the public waste-bins are cleared up from time to time. Local bodies should also ensure that garbage is collected regularly from our own homes, or else where are we suppose to discard the garbage ? At the same time we need to properly segregate the garbage into dry and wet waste.

Usage of restrooms and public toilets is another area, where we as citizens need to work on. We often hear people complaining of few public toilets. But I’ve personally witnessed people using public toilets and not bothering to ensure that it’s kept clean for the next person to use it. How insensitive !

There have been changes everywhere since the ‘Swach Bharat campaign’ has kickstarted, however we still have a long way to go. If we as citizens come half way then I’m sure the process of cleaning India would definitely hasten and become easier for the government to handle the entire process. 

I think the #Ab MontuBolega campaign is great way to vent our opinions on matters that are close to our heart. It’s a great way to share our ideas and it’s a positive step forward towards a cleaner India.

Note : This post is written for Indiblogger’s Ab Montu Bolega Contest in association with Strepsils / Strepsils on twitter.


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  1. Segregating garbage is something which India needs to implement….a brilliant idea, Diana. Swach Bharat is an innovative campaign that must be implemented throughout India and PM is right to rope in celebrities to set N example, Education is the way to bring change.

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