8 Ways To Manage Your Stress

Stress is an overwhelming part and parcel of our lives. Here are 8 simple ways to manage your stress, so that you can live happy, and breathe easy!

The general belief that stress is a threat to our complete well-being still exists. Many of us, including me, have perceived stress as a danger. In fact, haven’t we tasted stress as kids, in the form of studies and exams? It’s true that even a small child can be stressed! As a kid, I often had this weird thought that if we could add some extra hours to the day, then we could certainly deal with all the extra work.

We deal with stress in various forms – managing a demanding job, catering to the needs of family, parental commitments, commitments towards marriage, and dealing with our changing roles. Not all of us are able to adapt and deal with the stress that these changing roles bring upon us.

The saddening part of the whole thing is that our health is jeopardized, and that’s the whole point of discussing this topic. I’ve personally known people who’ve been affected by stress. It’s taken a toll on their mental and physical well-being. Despite this, I’ve decided to look at stress in a favourable manner. There is a positive side to stress, and it can be managed. This article lists simple steps that can be taken to manage it. Steps that can easily be applied to our daily lives.

1) Focus on your reaction instead of people’s attitudes

Dealing with negative people is not easy, and we’ve all encountered them – in our families and in our place of work. Interacting with negative people leaves us feeling drained. We cannot control people’s behaviour towards us. However, we can learn to control our own reactions. Controlling our reactions is within our power and we can take pride in our attitudes. It may not be possible to eliminate negative people from our lives, but we can disengage or limit the time spent with them. Here’s an article that tells you how to deal with negativity and criticism : Rise and Shine : How to deal with criticism

Continue reading here …8 simple ways to manage your stress.

Note: This post was first published in Women’s Web.


4 thoughts on “8 Ways To Manage Your Stress

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  1. Diana! In a way, stress helps us that it can push us to achieve the extraordinary. I need to learn stress management, I am so bad at time, and agree with the points made on open up to trusted friend, spend time with positive people, learn to say No and physical activity. I’ll suggest in a work environment, team member should be each other’s support system:)

    1. Like you ‘m learning to cope with stress too and reading several articles on it has helped me. Yes,of course while working in a team, supporting each other could help us deal with stress associated with work.

  2. “The acceptance of suffering is a journey into death. Facing deep pain, allowing it to be, taking your attention into it, is to enter death consciously. When you have died this death, you realize that there is no death – and there is nothing to fear.”

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