Managing a bad temper can be difficult, but is essential to our own well-being, besides those of others around us. 

In one of the horrific murders that occurred in Bengaluru some time back, a husband brutally bludgeoned his wife after having a quarrel with her. When the mother-in-law intervened, the raging husband didn’t spare her too. She too became the victim of his heinous crime.

The most astonishing part was that he sneaked out of the house slyly, while his children aged six and two years were asleep in the next room. The act was committed in a fit of rage and unfortunately the lives of these kids would never be the same again, without the love and protection of their mother.

Disaster can strike, if one can’t take charge of their tempers. Yet, we need to accept that controlling our tempers has been one of the biggest challenges we’ve found difficult to overcome. It is tough; no doubt. It’s a practice that needs to be cultivated overtime and the process of taking charge of our tempers may not be an easy ride but it’s achievable.

Opinions often differ and differences crop up among family and friends; however, two mature adults can choose to resolve disputes calmly. Without being violent, abusive and insulting. It’s a turn off to meet people who are ill- tempered. They can be unpredictable and it can be very frustrating being around hot tempered people.

Anger management is an important issue today because times have changed and it is important to discuss it. Keeping a cool mind is a challenge most of us face today. But if our emotions are transformed into rage then things could turn for the worse. Rage is the prime source of violence, fights, unhealthy arguments at home and it spreads hatred. Being hot tempered intensifies resentful feelings, hatred and anger within us. It’s because of bad management of anger and people becoming hubs of bitter feelings that there is so much hostility and badness in our society and communities. Being in control of our tempers is a step towards fostering peace and harmony.

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