On the occasion of International Women’s day I’d like to wish women in India and all over the world a Happy Women’s day. Undoubtedly, women in India have come a long way. They’ve become independent, self-sufficient, educated and empowered. They’ve proved themselves time and again as real heroes despite all the odds.

It’s however ironic that there were so many controversies revolving around women’s issues, just a couple of days before International women’s day. It all began with RSS questioning Mother Teresa’s motives behind her service. Mother Teresa served the poorest of the poor and the sick. Thousands of people do charity but she did the work personally, laying her bare hands on the sick. She was open and exposed to diseases.

She gave the sick a dignified death. Now, how many people would do that ? She brought recognition to India and placed India in the global map by her service. The world observed her hard work and then she was awarded. And now she is being accused of ulterior motives by a certain section, when her greatest religion was Humanity. 

Why talk about someone who is not physically present to defend herself ? Will the sick and poor really be bothered which community they are converted to when they don’t have food to eat or medicines to survive ? Besides Mother Teresa is canonised as a saint, that makes her sacred to the people belonging to the christian faith. Do they understand the relevance of canonisation in the christian community ?  Is it necessary to discuss about her when the discussion could have led to serious communal problems ? As a country aren’t we going through enough of turmoil ?

And now it’s the banned documentary of Nirbhaya’s rape case. I had a glimpse of the video to hear the accused – Mukesh Singh’s remarks on the issue. He spoke without a trace of guilt and shame which doesn’t come as a shock to me. But what shocked me was the lawyer’s remarks who is  supposedly “educated “. One rapist doesn’t  represent the mentality and morals of all the men in India, however we can’t ignore the fact that rapes have taken place in the past and are still taking place. Women in India still feel vulnerable.

I’m sure the government had reasons to ban the documentary which may be beyond my understanding but what concerns me more is what steps are being taken by the government to protect women ? As women we want more leaders to come forward and speak up on issues on women’s safety rather than slander women role models who have already departed doing good service. We’d prefer leaders to stop discussing topics that could instill communal violence. Let’s hope that these two controversies would prod the leaders to take steps to ensure a safer and secure India for our women folk.