Using Smartphone Photography To Enhance Your Blog (With #MyAsusZenFone)

With a plethora of new blogs sprouting up daily, use easy smartphone photography to jazz up and differentiate your blog!

Many of us would love to own the best smartphone in town, as mobile phones have now evolved into multi-purpose gadgets. The tasks that can be completed using a smartphone are endless and one of them is clicking beautiful photographs, which turns out to be my favourite pastime as well.

Going by my personal experience, I’ve noticed that photos clicked by smartphones turn out even more beautiful than those clicked by cameras. I’m not sure why, but they just look more appealing to me. Besides it’s convenient to slide in a cell phone in the handbag during occasions rather than carrying a large camera. So, smartphone cameras have an edge over normal cameras because of their light weight, compact size and portability.

Speaking of smartphones, I like trying out newer models, so I was elated when I got the opportunity to try out the latest Asus Zenfone 5. This smartphone comes in a range of colours like gold, purple, ped, black and white. I had the opportunity to use the black Asus. It had a rear camera which is eight mega pixels and a front camera which is two mega pixels.

On receiving the handset, I decided to go on a random photo session spree just to check the camera feature. I must say that the clarity of the photos was excellent and the photos were bright. I clicked a selfie and then I was amazed to see the various photo enhancing tools that were available to beautify the snap. There are tools to soften the skin colour, brighten the skin colour, make the eyes appear bigger, option to add blush and to even reduce the size of one’s cheeks.

One can frame the picture and use the vintage, latte and other options to give it a unique look. One could also add the right amount of saturation or hue just to enhance the look. The results were amazing on using these options. The selfies looked good even though I didn’t apply an inch of make-up. And this is good news for fashion bloggers like me, as clicking random and interesting pictures is an integral part of the fashion blogging world.

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Note : This post was first published in Women’s Web.


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