Reading Smart On Smartphones (With #MyASUSZenfone)

Great writers swear by the notion, that to be a good writer, one needs to be a voracious reader. Blogging the reading experience with #MyASUSZenfone.

When I entered the world of writing, I realized that apart from writing, I need to constantly read. Reading good content, good authors, informative content in magazines and newspapers transforms us into storehouses of words and information. Only then will writers be able to pen down good stories.

And I did exactly that. Though it was painful in the beginning, I soon got into the flow of writing and thus began my journey of honing my writing skills.View Post

I began my blogging and writing journey when I took a career break after my son was born. Besides spending time with my bundle of joy, I did have a lot of spare time. Being a career woman, I was lost for a period, not knowing what to do during the spare hours. It was then that I began to read a lot. I found a new interest that kept me occupied and it diverted my mind from those stressful motherhood moments. Reading took me to a whole wide creative world of blogging and writing.

All this while, I’ve experienced and seen the changes in the concept of reading. Reading patterns have changed drastically and it now involves reading e-books and posts on smartphones, tablets, computers and on electronic devices like the Kindle.

When it comes to reading, in my opinion, Kindle has been by far one of the most spectacular reading devices created till date. It has changed the way people read. This electronic reader holds thousands and thousands of books and is a hub of information.

Kindle apps can also be installed on Smartphones, tablets and computers which means that one can savour reading on a smartphone too. I had the opportunity to use the Kindle reading app on the Asus Zenfone 5 phone. Through this feature I can choose the preferred font size, brightness and background colour while reading books. I can read free books, shop for eBooks and read the first chapter of a book before I decide to buy.

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Note : This post was first published at Women’s Web.


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