3 Ideas To Unleash Your Creativity Through Smartphones (With #MyASUSZenfone)

Smartphone usage need not be just aimless browsing or Facebooking. Here are ways to unleash your creativity using technology.

The world has become smaller, people are connected, and we’ve become more mobile than ever before through the rapid advances of technology. At times it is difficult to fathom how technology has entered every part of our lives.

These multi-purpose gadgets are miracles in themselves as we use them to listen to music, read the most amazing e-books through our kindle reading app, click a selfie, frame it and share it with the world for our own ‘celebrity’ moments, become child-like by playing games, update our current status on Facebook or Twitter, share our opinions on the latest social issues and simplify our lives using the task managing features on our Smartphones.

But, besides being our constant companions, can we also use our smartphones to unleash our creativity? Using the tools on the Asus Zenfone model that I trialed for this post, I set out to unleash my creative ideas with the help of Zenfone tools!

Here are some of the ideas I experimented with, and plan to do more of. Try some of them out to get more from your phone.

Go Video! ……

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Note : This post was first published at Women’s Web.


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