How Entrepreneur Jayanthi Kathale Chased Her Food Dream

Meet Jayanti Kathale, the founder of Purnabrahma, an unique Maharashtrian cuisine restaurant and one that she plans to make a global brand.

Jayanti Kathale left her cushy job at Infosys, where she worked for over 13 years to follow her passion – to set up a Maharashtrian restaurant in Bangalore. Purnabrahma focuses primarily on healthy and authentic Maharashtrian food, stellar customer service and it also provides a warm cultural ambience.

Jayanti strongly believes in women’s empowerment and women entrepreneurship. She has therefore used her restaurant as a platform to provide working opportunities to other women and makes sure to hire women as a big part of the team.

She has also come up with the concept of ‘drive through centers’, keeping dual working families in mind. She believes that parents who don’t have sufficient time to prepare nutritious meals for their kids because of their hectic schedules, can benefit the most from these drive through centers.

Jayanthi Kathale will be speaking at the upcoming Women’s Web event for women entrepreneurs on August 22nd. excited to share her own experiences and she plans to offer valuable tips to women entrepreneurs on achieving their business goals at the Breaking Barriers To Growth: The Money Edition; get your pass now!

Prior to the event, we caught up with her on how she followed her passion. Read on to know more about her interesting journey.

What motivated you to leave the IT Sector and conceive Purnabrahma?

It was a concept that arose out of a strong desire to bring Maharashtrian cuisine to the fore in Bengaluru. I felt that Maharastrian cuisine was not that popular and I wanted the public here to get a taste of it.

My grandmother in a way was also the driving force behind Purnabrahma. As a young girl I admired her for working as a Principal in a government school in an era where most women never worked outside the home. She had great planning skills and managed work and a large family at home. She always said, “Whatever you want in life, you can achieve it.” Since then, these words always echoed in my ears.

What is the most exciting aspect of being an entrepreneur? 

It gives me a big high when a customer enters Purnabrahma and leaves it completely satisfied. I am overjoyed when customers comment that they don’t feel heavy or sleepy after having a meal here. Healthy food has always been our prime focus. There are many who leave the restaurant satisfied and return with more customers. That’s the most exciting aspect of my role.

What major challenges did you face while starting your own venture?

I was working for the IT sector when I started this venture. I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, prepare food for my large family, train the cooks of our restaurant, and then head to work.

After work I would return home to take care of my children and their needs and then again head to the restaurant. Balancing home and work was the most challenging aspect while I began my venture. However as the days passed I created my own support system and my husband supported me all the way.

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Note : This post was first published in Women’s Web.


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