Collegedunia – The right destination for every student

Making the right career choice and choosing the right college is of utmost importance to every student. Today’s youth are fortunate enough to have information at hand, of the best  colleges in India. They can equip themselves with  the various aspects of the college and then make a choice after weighing the pros and cons of their decision. This was not the case earlier. Students would come to hear about the best colleges through word of mouth. And they would then decide to take admission in that particular college. Many a times the decision was regretted. Things have changed since then.

There are various educational portals that aid students, to get  information of the best colleges in India. Collegedunia is one such extensive listing portal which provides information of more than twenty thousand colleges in India. Sahil Chalana is the founder of  Collegedunia and a team of dynamic people work behind the scenes to provide you a refined and detailed information regarding every aspect of education in India. What sets collegedunia apart is that they provide detailed information.

If students wants to research the best colleges in a particular stream, in India then collegedunia delivers them that option effortlessly. The top ten universities in India based on ranking are also listed. It also lists the best colleges state wise, which includes best engineering colleges as well. It further gives information about the college, its ranking, the admission procedures, fees structure, hostel facilities and the faculty. Having said that, they also provide information on various entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, GATE, events and college festivals.

Colleges and universities are sorted according to states, ranks, courses, fees structure and duration. Thus the students can be updated with the features specific to the college and then they can make an appropriate choice. Information on various streams like Engineering, medicine, mass communications are sorted neatly. The top courses are listed as well. On clicking on the desired stream, one can get a list of the best colleges and the top ten universities in India that deliver these courses, based on ranking. Further the best colleges have been listed state wise. So if the student desires to relocate to Karnataka and pursue engineering, he’ll be provided with the best engineering colleges in Karnataka.

I personally found the website attractive and appealing. The website has a subtle look and one can navigate through information easily. Students can also consider alternate career choices after navigating through the plethora of courses available on the site. Besides empowering students, Collegedunia empowers parents and institutions as well. It aids students to choose the right institution and get facts right with regards to their career. It has immensely provided the right tools to help students plan and envision their future.


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