BriefCase : The Woman Who Took The Nirbhaya Case Lawyers To Task

From getting the the Nirbhaya case lawyers to apologise over their comments in India’s Daughter to representing the Supreme Court Women Lawyers Association, Mahalakshmi Pavani has huge achievements to her credit.

In this series, BriefCase, we will be meeting women at work in different fields, different roles, to gain insight into their lives and work. With more women joining (or aspiring to) join the paid workforce, we live in exciting times, and this is an attempt to chronicle those times, one life at a time.

Mahalakshmi Pavani, a Senior Advocate, is also the first lady from Karnataka designated by the Full Court. While she was attending the rent control proceedings and defending her mother’s case,  little did she know that she would find her true calling in law. She got deeply engrossed in the proceedings, which involved evicting tenants and this changed the course of her life. Since then there has been no turning back for Mahalakshmi and she has safely secured a favourable place in the field of law.

She has achieved many milestones in her career and has left no stone unturned in using her power to help women. She desires to use her expertise in uplifting the downtrodden women and in making them aware of their legal rights. She is popularly recognized for her immense efforts to bring women-related issues to the fore. A petition was filed through her that sought courts direction to the Nirbhaya case lawyers, M.L. Sharma and A.P. Singh, to issue a public apology for their derogatory statements in the BBC documentary India’s Daughter on the December 16 gang rape case. She defeated veteran lawyer Indira Jaising during the election for a woman member on the Gender Sensitisation Committee. She also appeared as a learned counsel for Rahul Gandhi in relation to a defamation proceeding.

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BriefCase : The Woman Who Took The Nirbhaya Case Lawyers To Task

Note : This post was first published in Women’s Web.


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