Christmas And Mouth Watering Cakes

It’s Christmas time yet again. I’m so looking forward to the fun and festivities, this season brings forth with it. And since cakes are such an integral part of Christmas, this article is about a baking artist Cheryl  Tannen Fernandez who specializes in cakes.

transparent-95031She gives a different creative look, to every cake she bakes. The final look of the cake depends on the  occasion  and theme. However she keeps the buyers likes and desires in mind before she begins the process of baking. Sometimes the cakes are associated with the buyers’ unique persona.

Once she begins the process, she follows up with the customers and gives them feedback regarding the progress of the cake. Personally I’ve tasted her cakes and they are delicious. I frequently visit her facebook page called Thumbelina Patisserie, to have a glimpse of the pictures of the various cakes that she uploads frequently.

Here are a few pictures taken from her facebook page.  Below is an  elegant cake that was made of dark chocolate cake soaked in kahlua and filled with chocolate ganache and cream.


Cheryl always had a strong passion for baking and finally she transformed her dreams into reality when she created ‘Thumbelina Patisserie’. She specializes in cakes, cupcakes, truffles, tarts, brownies, rich plum cakes and  desserts too. Her famous ‘bread pudding’ is much talked about in her circle of friends and family. Especially for Christmas, she prepares cupcakes with Christmas Theme Toppers.

Mini Cooper

She takes up orders for corporate events, birthdays, weddings,wedding anniversaries and other important occasions.

cake 4
Christmas Tree Brownies

The cake below was made for a Baby Shower. A dark chocolate cake with orange frosting draped in fondant.

Enter a caption

This is just the right time to place your orders for those delectable cakes to make the Christmas season complete. Cheryl can be contacted at her facebook page Thumbelina Patisserie.



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