Goals And Resolutions For 2016

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It’s the beginning of the year and most of us have already made our New Year resolution list. While making mine I came across some  interesting New Year resolutions that people are intending to make this year.

So have a quick look at some of the interesting resolutions that I came across.

  1. Visit a new town or city that you haven’t visited before. – It’s a great way to explore new places and discover the uniqueness of each place. At the end of it all, picture yourself at the new place and share it with family and friends through social media. Let the world know about your travel experiences.
  2. Make a change in your dressing sense –  We get so comfortable wearing the same kind of attire day in and day out that dressing at times becomes monotonous.  Add that little punch to your dressing to feel good about yourself.
  3. Master a new language – India is diverse and one of the reasons being the numerous languages people speak. Many of us are gifted to pick up a new language however we don’t utilize this talent. Here’s a good time to master a language and have an edge over others.
  4. Adopt a Pet -Pets bring joy and bliss to our routine lives. They make us feel loved and complete.
  5. Develop a unique hobby or interest –   Let go of your old hobbies and try something different. If you haven’t given painting a shot, then try it or may be singing, learning a new form of dance, or create a personal blogging site.
  6. Blind dates – If you are single and exploring your options to find your soulmate then opt for a blind date. It is thrilling to meet a person for the first time and discover how he or she is. However consider the risks that go with it and do a bit of background verification.
  7. Donate for a cause –  It’s always commendable to donate a part of your income for a good cause and make that small difference to the society.
  8. Get a complete makeover – Pamper yourself and get a  makeover done.  Get a new hairstyle to look different and smart.
  9. Beautify your home –  Give your home a new look. Get rid of the junk. It’s always a pleasure to stay in a  well kept home.
  10. Overcome fears –  Easier said than done, however overcoming your greatest fear could lighten you and give you wings to fly. Find ways to overcome your fear with the support of family, friends and above all yourself. This will require time and effort. The Key is to move forward step by step.
  11. Give up one bad habbit – Try and give up one habbit that is not adding value to your life – It could be excessive use of social media, smoking, drinking, or anything that comes to your mind.

In my opinion the resolutions listed here are easy to keep and they can enrich our lives in various ways. Whereas difficult resolutions are tough to keep and could lead to a lot of frustration. Try and and explore what works best for you. Hope this New Year turns out fruitful and joyful  for each one of you.



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