Eight Mood Busters That Come In Handy


It’s amazing how fast we’ve entered mid January and I am sure by now most of us have got into the swing of work. Speaking about work, the monotonous routine and the daily grind of life gets to us and we fail to create that magic in our routine lives. We loose our spontaneity. If we observe closely there are numerous things we can do for ourselves that can transform our mood. I call it mood busters as they change our mood instantly. Below are a few points that come to my mind and they work well for me.

  • Listening to a peppy number – Listening to a peppy number gives me just the right start to my day. A peppy number can infuse us with energy required to begin the day. We need to be careful when it comes to music too. If a perky song can fill you with positive emotions, simultaneously a  depressing song could make you feel depressed.  A happy song to begin the day is a good option for me. Since I am fond of music, this stands number one in this list.
  • Watching an old movie – We are enthusiastic about watching new movies that hit the big screen. But it is not always possible to go to a theater at the spur of the moment. At home, television comes to our rescue. Watching an old movie takes you back in time. You would have probably seen the flick with an old friend or with your family members. Watching the movie and reliving those moments  can be equally soothing.
  • Speaking to an old friend –  Meeting an old friend or even speaking to an old mate or colleague instantly changes our mood. I am sure you would agree with this one hundred percent.
  • Taking a leisure walk – Walking is a fantastic form of exercise, however walking leisurely at a pace that is comfortable and relaxing works wonders to change your mood. A short walk can help to declutter our minds. If the weather is pleasant, then it is an added bonus.
  • Reading a book – Reading is therapeutic. All we need to do is create some time for it. It helps us to grow from within and increases our intellect. A good story or even a simple article can take me to a different world.
  • Writing – Personally writing has become a great platform of expression for me. It helps me pour out my thoughts and ideas. It makes me feel light.
  • Enjoying your own company – Be our own best friend. There are many of us who love to be left alone once in a while, far from all the noise, buzz and the loud chatter of family and friends. This works out well for introverts too. Some of us like to be left alone once in a way as always being around people could be energy draining. 
  • Being Spiritual  –  Spiritual practices like prayers and meditation is well known for improving an individual’s overall well being. It’s a saving grace for  me and for most people I know closely. 

3 thoughts on “Eight Mood Busters That Come In Handy

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  1. Quite right.. One needs to feel fresh almost every second and therefore doing things which are liberating and meaningful to oneself is most important.. ! Pausing for a moment on the red light and looking at the flowers being sold.. by touching them.. may be you choose to buy just one of them or may be none.. still pausing and reflecting is breaking the monotony and thats what one desires and yearns for..! A good read.. indeed!!

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