Seven Questions That Indian Men Ask About Women On Social Media

Here’s a list of some compelling questions that men are eager to know about women. Read them here. 

By nature, we are a curious lot who love to discover more about the opposite sex. Curiosity takes over, and we turn to the easiest and most accessible platform- the internet, which seems to have all the answers to our most weird questions.

Recently while surfing through various social media platforms, I discovered a few bizarre questions that men have about women. Some interesting and some truly funny.

So, let’s dig into some of the questions and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

What do women carry in their handbags?

This is a common question that I’ve come across several sites. For the men who are curious to know- most women carry their keys, cellphone, wallet, sunglasses, a comb, a pen, important papers and not forgetting their make-up kit. They may carry several other things too, but the ones I’ve mentioned are common.

Why do women dress provocatively and complain that people harass them?

Deepika Padukone

Personally, I’ve been subjected to this question several times too. Yes, we dress because we want to celebrate our form, to look better and to feel good about ourselves. We dress for ourselves and to impress others too. There is no harm in that. But that does not give anyone the license to harass us. Do men seriously have to worry when they step out of their homes, dressed to the T?

Why on earth do women take so much of time to dress ?


Because women love to look good. Looking good makes us feel good and confident. But not all women take too much time to dress. Not all women are the same, after all. If we have to leave home for an urgent work, we might as well just slip into a pair of jeans and a T shirt, comb our hair, just to look presentable and zoom out of our homes. And yes, without any make up.

Note: This post was first published in Women’s Web

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