Janet Jackson’s Age Is No Barrier, When It Comes To Her Pregnancy


Janet Jackson is pregnant at the age of fifty. Yes, she is expecting her baby with businessman Wissam Al Mana and she has officially confirmed it. “We thank God for our blessing,” she told the People magazine.

Breaking stereotypes

For long Janet Jackson has been associated with the American pop music culture and is known as a liberated woman. Her successful career in the music industry and her unconventional songs that often broke stereotypes is a living proof of her liberated persona. By becoming pregnant at the age of fifty, she yet again breaks stereotypes. She has substantiated that age is not a deterrent when it comes to bearing a child.

Clearly she’s not the only one who has not allowed her biological clock to become a hindrance in her beautiful journey of pregnancy. There are several other female celebrities who have chosen motherhood in the later phase of their lives. Singer Gwen Stefani, Hollywood actor Halle Berry, Hollywood actor Salma Hayek and our very own choreographer Farha Khan to name a few.

Age is not a hindrance

Pregnancies in older women have always been a subject of hot controversy in our country and a matter of fact, all over the world due to the high health risks involved. Having said that ‘these pregnancies’ are becoming more and more common due to medical advancement. Women are believing and trusting in the recent advances in assisted reproductive technology.  Having faith in medical science, women are ultimately fulfilling their desire of having a child irrespective of their age.

Women who decide to have kids at a later stage are often mocked, perceived as being selfish and looked down upon for risking the life of the child. They are stigmatized too.

Criticizing seated from the highest pedestal, is the easiest thing to do to a  woman who has made a conscious decision to bear a child at a later stage, however we may never know the clear reasons behind her decision. May be she couldn’t bear a child earlier because she had to take care of her family or may be she had financial constraints to raise a family. There could be several reasons. Does this take away her right to bear kids is still debatable.

If she has chosen the road to motherhood with adequate medical help and under the guidance and supervision of a Doctor, her decision needs to be respected and supported so that she could bring forth a healthy child into this world.

Moreover if you have a natural instinct of nurturing a child, you will definitely raise your child healthy with the right values, irrespective of your age. Age is not a criteria to decide your parenting capabilities but your health which includes physical and mental is a crucial and a deciding factor during pregnancy.

Janet Jackson stands as a role model for all those women who have given up their dream to bear a child because they do not fall under the society’s ‘child bearing age bracket’. Taking a cue from Janet’s own life, several women might choose to achieve this milestone.

Image Source: Wallpapercave.com


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