Reasons I Enjoyed Reading Stephanie Hendrick’s ‘Meant For More’

When I received the copy of Stephanie Hendrick’s ‘Meant for More’ what instantly caught my attention was the cover of the book.

You’ll see Stephanie seated, flashing an infectious smile, adorning a black dress coupled with black stilettos. The lovely cover increased my curiosity to read the book without much delay and I honestly made the right choice.

In her book ‘Meant for More’  the author admits that dating, planning a wedding, receiving a promotion are all milestones worth celebrating yet at the end of the day you might still feel like something is missing. Haven’t we all felt like this? Not that she isn’t grateful for all the things that she already has. She says that these things are part of the story and not necessarily the entire story.

She beautifully narrates that when you are given the book of life with thousands of crisp blank pages, the amount of detail in those pages is up to you. As the pages turn, blank page after blank page, nothing will be written unless you put pen to paper. Yes, we can be the designer of our own lives.

You’ll learn about all the interesting experiences that she’s been through that have shaped her into the woman she is today. Right from being an entrepreneur to creating her blog and finally publishing her first book!

What I loved about the book is that I could relate to most of the conversations and real-life situations that were brought up, be it professional or personal. The situations that she describes with hilarity and honesty, will relate to every woman whether married or single.

The language is simple, delightful, and easy to read. ‘Meant for More’ will coerce you to reflect upon questions that you’ve probably never thought about. It doesn’t only inspire you but also hands you the right tools to implement and transform your life.

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I had the pleasure to interview Stephanie Hendrick and there was never a dull moment whatsoever while speaking to her. Despite donning several hats in her career, Stephanie comes across as a warm person. She’s truly an inspiration and I got to learn a lot from her.

In this interview Stephanie talks about different aspects of her life’s journey. The conversation covers her writing journey, her entrepreneurial journey, her book, married life, feminism, lessons from the pandemic, and much more.

Stephanie Hendrick is a business strategist, a motivational speaker and now a published author. She’s the founder of a platform called ‘Meant for More’ designed for today’s modern, ambitious, woman navigating the messy middle of motherhood, marriage and business. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Get to know more about Stephanie at

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