Reasons I Enjoyed Reading Stephanie Hendrick’s ‘Meant For More’

When I received the copy of Stephanie Hendrick’s ‘Meant for More’ what instantly caught my attention was the cover of the book.

You’ll see Stephanie seated, flashing an infectious smile, adorning a black dress coupled with black stilettos. The lovely cover increased my curiosity to read the book without much delay and I honestly made the right choice.

In her book ‘Meant for More’  the author admits that dating, planning a wedding, receiving a promotion are all milestones worth celebrating yet at the end of the day you might still feel like something is missing. Haven’t we all felt like this? Not that she isn’t grateful for all the things that she already has. She says that these things are part of the story and not necessarily the entire story.

She beautifully narrates that when you are given the book of life with thousands of crisp blank pages, the amount of detail in those pages is up to you. As the pages turn, blank page after blank page, nothing will be written unless you put pen to paper. Yes, we can be the designer of our own lives.

You’ll learn about all the interesting experiences that she’s been through that have shaped her into the woman she is today. Right from being an entrepreneur to creating her blog and finally publishing her first book!

What I loved about the book is that I could relate to most of the conversations and real-life situations that were brought up, be it professional or personal. The situations that she describes with hilarity and honesty, will relate to every woman whether married or single.

The language is simple, delightful, and easy to read. ‘Meant for More’ will coerce you to reflect upon questions that you’ve probably never thought about. It doesn’t only inspire you but also hands you the right tools to implement and transform your life.

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I had the pleasure to interview Stephanie Hendrick and there was never a dull moment whatsoever while speaking to her. Despite donning several hats in her career, Stephanie comes across as a warm person. She’s truly an inspiration and I got to learn a lot from her.

In this interview Stephanie talks about different aspects of her life’s journey. The conversation covers her writing journey, her entrepreneurial journey, her book, married life, feminism, lessons from the pandemic, and much more.

Stephanie Hendrick is a business strategist, a motivational speaker and now a published author. She’s the founder of a platform called ‘Meant for More’ designed for today’s modern, ambitious, woman navigating the messy middle of motherhood, marriage and business. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Fardeen Khan Impresses Audiences with His Transformed Look

Social media users are star-struck after seeing a snapshot of a transformed Fardeen Khan circulating on social media.

Dressed in a grey T-shirt, black trousers, and shades, Fardeen looks refreshing and younger in the image.  Audiences are undoubtedly smitten by his new reinvented look! 

In an interview with ETimes, the actor said that he is feeling 30 mentally however his target is 25.

Take a look: 


A couple of years ago the actor had kept himself away from the industry and during this period he had put on weight. He was even body shamed and trolled for it. As claimed by him, it was the first time he was introduced to the world of trolling. 

He admitted that he was honestly out of shape but he knew the reality. “It doesn’t feel good to be in that situation, but you have to look at it for what it is. You have to find positivity within yourself. If you constantly seek validation from other people on what they think about you, you need to rethink that.”

He was able to handle the criticism only because he was “well equipped” from within and more so because of his positive attitude. 


One of the prime reasons to get back to shape was because he became a parent and he wanted to first set an example to his daughter to follow the path of fitness. He has lost 18 kgs in just six months. 


He went on to explain that he was not feeling like 25 and he wanted to feel that. “I wanted to physically feel 25. As you grow older, body degeneration catches up with you. I wanted to feel very, very good again. You need to think about it as a body-mind connection. I came across this in some reading I was doing. I started eating right and healthy, coupled it with correct workouts. I have lost 18 kg in the last six months, but 35 per cent journey is yet to go in this aspect.”

Fardeen has remarkably reinvented himself thereby re-emphasising on the fact that physical transformation is possible with the right workout and a healthy diet. 

The actor is planning to make a comeback in Bollywood. He was last seen in films like ‘Jungle’, ‘Bhoot’, ‘Heyy Baby’, ‘Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’ ‘No Entry’ and ‘Dev.’

Documentary on Oscar Entry ‘Jallikattu’ Will Be Releasing Soon

An eight-part documentary series is being made on the Oscar entry film ‘Jallikattu.’ 

The team behind the upcoming documentary had to go through 40,000 video clips to cover in detail what took place behind the actual film. 

“It is an attempt to examine in detail the effort of every department involved in the film’s making, and provide insight for aspiring filmmakers and film students. There are around 40,000 clips. Since there is plenty of material, we looked at multiple possibilities to present them during the editing stage. 

“The documentary format is still strange to many and is enjoyed only by a niche audience. Only a few people enjoy the documentaries on Netflix, which are quite well-made and fascinating. We have tried to maintain the same standard in our work too.” 

Jallikattu directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery is a Malayalam film that received immense recognition and widespread acclaim when it was released in Kerala in October 2019 and then went on to be showcased internationally. 

The plot revolves around a bull that escapes and creates havoc in the village of Idukki. The whole village decides to get together with the mission to catch hold of the bull albeit they are faced with numerous obstacles and challenges in the bargain. 

The film delves deep into the complex layers of human nature, raw masculinity, and human treatment towards animals. It also looks into the nature of a stubborn animal that refuses to be tamed. 

The name of the film arises from the traditional sport ‘Jallikattu’ that takes place in Tamil Nadu during Pongal where a bull is released amidst huge crowds with the idea to take command over it. The animal of course tries its best to escape the scene. 

The film is visually electrifying and is based on a short story written S Hareesh. 

The Remarkable Journey of Perfumery Tycoon Alwyn Stephen

From being a sales executive for Al Tayer group, launching perfume brands in the UAE, taking on brands for the middle east and the Indian subcontinent to becoming the founder of his company ‘Beauty Contact’ in Dubai, Alwyn Stephen’s journey is nothing less than a fairy tale.

Watch Alwyn talk about his experiences in the UAE from 1989 till date and take cues from his inspiring entrepreneurial journey in the interview below.

The smart entrepreneur understood the importance of bringing foreign perfume brands to the middle east and the Indian sub continent. He launched his line of French luxury perfumes Pierre Precieuse and even exhibited the fragrances at the prestigious Cannes.

With Indian Politician Shashi Tharoor
With Actor Kabir Bedi

The Bangalore boy turned perfumery Tycoon worked with high end celebrities like Hilton Heiress and socialite Paris Hilton, Reality Star Kim Kardashian, Indian Cricketer M S Dhoni and the list goes on. You can catch him on Facebook and Twitter; he can be seen seated next to Reality Queen Kim Kardashian.

Mr. Stephen has a creative side too. He has written the lyrics to the beautiful song ‘Why Did You Choose Me?’ sung by Lynette John from Lucknow.

Watch and enjoy

It was wonderful interacting with Alwyn Stephen and we wish him all the best for all his future business ventures.

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