Goals And Resolutions For 2016

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It’s the beginning of the year and most of us have already made our New Year resolution list. While making mine I came across some  interesting New Year resolutions that people are intending to make this year.

So have a quick look at some of the interesting resolutions that I came across.

  1. Visit a new town or city that you haven’t visited before. – It’s a great way to explore new places and discover the uniqueness of each place. At the end of it all, picture yourself at the new place and share it with family and friends through social media. Let the world know about your travel experiences.
  2. Make a change in your dressing sense –  We get so comfortable wearing the same kind of attire day in and day out that dressing at times becomes monotonous.  Add that little punch to your dressing to feel good about yourself.
  3. Master a new language – India is diverse and one of the reasons being the numerous languages people speak. Many of us are gifted to pick up a new language however we don’t utilize this talent. Here’s a good time to master a language and have an edge over others.
  4. Adopt a Pet -Pets bring joy and bliss to our routine lives. They make us feel loved and complete.
  5. Develop a unique hobby or interest –   Let go of your old hobbies and try something different. If you haven’t given painting a shot, then try it or may be singing, learning a new form of dance, or create a personal blogging site.
  6. Blind dates – If you are single and exploring your options to find your soulmate then opt for a blind date. It is thrilling to meet a person for the first time and discover how he or she is. However consider the risks that go with it and do a bit of background verification.
  7. Donate for a cause –  It’s always commendable to donate a part of your income for a good cause and make that small difference to the society.
  8. Get a complete makeover – Pamper yourself and get a  makeover done.  Get a new hairstyle to look different and smart.
  9. Beautify your home –  Give your home a new look. Get rid of the junk. It’s always a pleasure to stay in a  well kept home.
  10. Overcome fears –  Easier said than done, however overcoming your greatest fear could lighten you and give you wings to fly. Find ways to overcome your fear with the support of family, friends and above all yourself. This will require time and effort. The Key is to move forward step by step.
  11. Give up one bad habbit – Try and give up one habbit that is not adding value to your life – It could be excessive use of social media, smoking, drinking, or anything that comes to your mind.

In my opinion the resolutions listed here are easy to keep and they can enrich our lives in various ways. Whereas difficult resolutions are tough to keep and could lead to a lot of frustration. Try and and explore what works best for you. Hope this New Year turns out fruitful and joyful  for each one of you.


Christmas And Mouth Watering Cakes

It’s Christmas time yet again. I’m so looking forward to the fun and festivities, this season brings forth with it. And since cakes are such an integral part of Christmas, this article is about a baking artist Cheryl  Tannen Fernandez who specializes in cakes.

transparent-95031She gives a different creative look, to every cake she bakes. The final look of the cake depends on the  occasion  and theme. However she keeps the buyers likes and desires in mind before she begins the process of baking. Sometimes the cakes are associated with the buyers’ unique persona.

Once she begins the process, she follows up with the customers and gives them feedback regarding the progress of the cake. Personally I’ve tasted her cakes and they are delicious. I frequently visit her facebook page called Thumbelina Patisserie, to have a glimpse of the pictures of the various cakes that she uploads frequently.

Here are a few pictures taken from her facebook page.  Below is an  elegant cake that was made of dark chocolate cake soaked in kahlua and filled with chocolate ganache and cream.


Cheryl always had a strong passion for baking and finally she transformed her dreams into reality when she created ‘Thumbelina Patisserie’. She specializes in cakes, cupcakes, truffles, tarts, brownies, rich plum cakes and  desserts too. Her famous ‘bread pudding’ is much talked about in her circle of friends and family. Especially for Christmas, she prepares cupcakes with Christmas Theme Toppers.

Mini Cooper

She takes up orders for corporate events, birthdays, weddings,wedding anniversaries and other important occasions.

cake 4
Christmas Tree Brownies

The cake below was made for a Baby Shower. A dark chocolate cake with orange frosting draped in fondant.

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This is just the right time to place your orders for those delectable cakes to make the Christmas season complete. Cheryl can be contacted at her facebook page Thumbelina Patisserie.


What Do Flowers Stand For ?

I recently discovered that the language through the medium of flowers is called floriography : A means  of communication through the use of flowers. Wonderful isn’t it ? Who on earth is not enthralled by the beauty of flowers ? If it can be used in a positive way to communicate, to gift and if it can be used for decorating our own personal spaces then nothing like it. I was not aware of the fact that each flower had a meaning, except for some popular names like Rose of course.

We are so spell bound by their beauty,  that we care less what they actually stand for. Whether it’s a birthday, a romantic date  or a wedding;  the usage and the significance of flowers cannot be ignored. Even when it comes to fashion, Floral prints are much in vogue. So it’s not a bad idea to brush up our knowledge on the meaning of flowers so that we can use them for the right occasions.

Besides these days much emphasis is laid on etiquette which includes  flower etiquette as well. Let’s discover more about various flowers and what they actually stand for. Interesting ! While there are endless beautiful flowers that we can discuss about, in this article, I’ve covered a few popular flowers that we so often come across.

DaffodilsDaffodils is a common flower however it’s enriched with beauty. It stands for rebirth and a fresh beginning. The chinese consider daffodils as a symbol of good fortune and wealth. It’s a symbol for cancer research as well. It’s commonly used in bouquets.


DaisiesDaisies have different meanings in different mythologies. It would be much easier to sum up the meanings and what it stands for. They represent purity, innocence, childhood, freshness,virginal, motherhood, cleanliness, transformation and loyalty. In Celtic mythology Daisies  are said to be the souls of children. It holds great significance in christianity  too.  How often we’ve heard the line “As fresh as a Daisy ” because it’s synonymous with freshness.


Lillies –  Lillies symbolize hope, faith, birth, purity, chastity, fertility,love and passion. Lilly stands for masculine qualities too. In greek mythology Lilly stands for birth and motherhood. Since Lillies are so closely associated with motherhood and fertility, they can be presented as gifts or a bouquet of flowers to women who are in their motherhood phase of life. The flower is also linked to Easter and the resurrection of Christ.

OrchidsAn Orchid enjoys an aura of luxury, royalty and magnificence. It symbolizes love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, affection and understanding. It holds a high status among ornamental flowers and therefore can be used to gift a loved one, in flower arrangements for important occasions and so on.

AsterIt symbolizes patience, temperance and optimism.  This flower symbolizes elegance with flair along with feminity.

Rose –  Roses have been an all time favourite with the masses since eons.We know that they are synonymous with love and beauty. However while doing some further research it was discovered that they stand for numerous things. When it comes to roses, the Red Rose seems to garner all the attention and it stands for Love, beauty, passion and courage.

A yellow rose stands for friendship, joy and care. On the darker side it stands for jealousy. A Pink Rose stands for grace, admiration, and gratitude. White Rose symbolizes purity, innocence, secrecy, heavenly and youthfulness. They are also associated with marriages and new beginnings. On a sad note, Black roses are associated with death and eternal rest.

MarigoldThis is one common, wild flower that I’ve been acquainted with since childhood. Marigold is a yellow flower that sometimes blooms with maroon borders. That makes it all the more appealing. On one hand it’s widely used in bouquets and other flower arrangements, on the other hand it’s used for funeral ceremonies.

It’s name Mary’s gold is derived from the Virgin Mary. It’s of prime importance in the Indian culture. It’s used for decorative purposes during festivals and marriages. It’s used for making garlands too. Though it’s used for such auspicious occasions it symbolizes jealousy, cruelty and grief.

JasmineJasmine  flowers have become a favourite with the masses because of it’s sweet aroma, besides it’s beauty. They symbolize love, hope, joy and purity. Since it symbolizes purity many Indian women are seen adorning this beautiful flower in their hair.  It enjoys a special spiritual significance and therefore it is used in temples,churches and homes. They are also used as offerings.

Sunflower –  This bright yellow coloured flower represents many qualities of the sun. The amazing phenomenon of this flower stretching towards the sun is called phototropism.  Sunflowers stand for adoration, loyalty and longevity.

LotusAnd finally it’s the turn of Lotus to display it’s amazing characteristics. It’s a sacred flower in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptian religions. A Lotus flower is always visualized, surfacing from it’s murky surroundings. It means that the Lotus symbolizes Purity and resurrection. It grows through several phases before  displaying its true self.

The various colours of Lotus hold different symbolic meanings. But the white Lotus holds a special significance in Hinduism. In Hinduism white Lotus symbolizes beauty and a state of non-attachment. It’s even associated to all the Gods and Goddesses.  In Buddhism a completely opened Lotus symbolizes an enlightened soul while a closed lotus bud symbolizes a period before enlightment.

It was truly a fascinating journey to learn about these captivating flowers  and what they symbolize. We are enlightened about its use as  bouquets, garlands, in various flower arrangements and as gifts. The flowers would truly hold a special value  if the recipient of these flowers are also enlightened with their meanings. Do not hesitate to use the right flower for the right occasion in various forms. Being Nature’s most beautiful resources, they are certain to make the right impact.

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