Eight Mood Busters That Come In Handy


It’s amazing how fast we’ve entered mid January and I am sure by now most of us have got into the swing of work. Speaking about work, the monotonous routine and the daily grind of life gets to us and we fail to create that magic in our routine lives. We loose our spontaneity. If we observe closely there are numerous things we can do for ourselves that can transform our mood. I call it mood busters as they change our mood instantly. Below are a few points that come to my mind and they work well for me.

  • Listening to a peppy number – Listening to a peppy number gives me just the right start to my day. A peppy number can infuse us with energy required to begin the day. We need to be careful when it comes to music too. If a perky song can fill you with positive emotions, simultaneously a  depressing song could make you feel depressed.  A happy song to begin the day is a good option for me. Since I am fond of music, this stands number one in this list.
  • Watching an old movie – We are enthusiastic about watching new movies that hit the big screen. But it is not always possible to go to a theater at the spur of the moment. At home, television comes to our rescue. Watching an old movie takes you back in time. You would have probably seen the flick with an old friend or with your family members. Watching the movie and reliving those moments  can be equally soothing.
  • Speaking to an old friend –  Meeting an old friend or even speaking to an old mate or colleague instantly changes our mood. I am sure you would agree with this one hundred percent.
  • Taking a leisure walk – Walking is a fantastic form of exercise, however walking leisurely at a pace that is comfortable and relaxing works wonders to change your mood. A short walk can help to declutter our minds. If the weather is pleasant, then it is an added bonus.
  • Reading a book – Reading is therapeutic. All we need to do is create some time for it. It helps us to grow from within and increases our intellect. A good story or even a simple article can take me to a different world.
  • Writing – Personally writing has become a great platform of expression for me. It helps me pour out my thoughts and ideas. It makes me feel light.
  • Enjoying your own company – Be our own best friend. There are many of us who love to be left alone once in a while, far from all the noise, buzz and the loud chatter of family and friends. This works out well for introverts too. Some of us like to be left alone once in a way as always being around people could be energy draining. 
  • Being Spiritual  –  Spiritual practices like prayers and meditation is well known for improving an individual’s overall well being. It’s a saving grace for  me and for most people I know closely. 

What Do Flowers Stand For ?

I recently discovered that the language through the medium of flowers is called floriography : A means  of communication through the use of flowers. Wonderful isn’t it ? Who on earth is not enthralled by the beauty of flowers ? If it can be used in a positive way to communicate, to gift and if it can be used for decorating our own personal spaces then nothing like it. I was not aware of the fact that each flower had a meaning, except for some popular names like Rose of course.

We are so spell bound by their beauty,  that we care less what they actually stand for. Whether it’s a birthday, a romantic date  or a wedding;  the usage and the significance of flowers cannot be ignored. Even when it comes to fashion, Floral prints are much in vogue. So it’s not a bad idea to brush up our knowledge on the meaning of flowers so that we can use them for the right occasions.

Besides these days much emphasis is laid on etiquette which includes  flower etiquette as well. Let’s discover more about various flowers and what they actually stand for. Interesting ! While there are endless beautiful flowers that we can discuss about, in this article, I’ve covered a few popular flowers that we so often come across.

DaffodilsDaffodils is a common flower however it’s enriched with beauty. It stands for rebirth and a fresh beginning. The chinese consider daffodils as a symbol of good fortune and wealth. It’s a symbol for cancer research as well. It’s commonly used in bouquets.


DaisiesDaisies have different meanings in different mythologies. It would be much easier to sum up the meanings and what it stands for. They represent purity, innocence, childhood, freshness,virginal, motherhood, cleanliness, transformation and loyalty. In Celtic mythology Daisies  are said to be the souls of children. It holds great significance in christianity  too.  How often we’ve heard the line “As fresh as a Daisy ” because it’s synonymous with freshness.


Lillies –  Lillies symbolize hope, faith, birth, purity, chastity, fertility,love and passion. Lilly stands for masculine qualities too. In greek mythology Lilly stands for birth and motherhood. Since Lillies are so closely associated with motherhood and fertility, they can be presented as gifts or a bouquet of flowers to women who are in their motherhood phase of life. The flower is also linked to Easter and the resurrection of Christ.

OrchidsAn Orchid enjoys an aura of luxury, royalty and magnificence. It symbolizes love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, affection and understanding. It holds a high status among ornamental flowers and therefore can be used to gift a loved one, in flower arrangements for important occasions and so on.

AsterIt symbolizes patience, temperance and optimism.  This flower symbolizes elegance with flair along with feminity.

Rose –  Roses have been an all time favourite with the masses since eons.We know that they are synonymous with love and beauty. However while doing some further research it was discovered that they stand for numerous things. When it comes to roses, the Red Rose seems to garner all the attention and it stands for Love, beauty, passion and courage.

A yellow rose stands for friendship, joy and care. On the darker side it stands for jealousy. A Pink Rose stands for grace, admiration, and gratitude. White Rose symbolizes purity, innocence, secrecy, heavenly and youthfulness. They are also associated with marriages and new beginnings. On a sad note, Black roses are associated with death and eternal rest.

MarigoldThis is one common, wild flower that I’ve been acquainted with since childhood. Marigold is a yellow flower that sometimes blooms with maroon borders. That makes it all the more appealing. On one hand it’s widely used in bouquets and other flower arrangements, on the other hand it’s used for funeral ceremonies.

It’s name Mary’s gold is derived from the Virgin Mary. It’s of prime importance in the Indian culture. It’s used for decorative purposes during festivals and marriages. It’s used for making garlands too. Though it’s used for such auspicious occasions it symbolizes jealousy, cruelty and grief.

JasmineJasmine  flowers have become a favourite with the masses because of it’s sweet aroma, besides it’s beauty. They symbolize love, hope, joy and purity. Since it symbolizes purity many Indian women are seen adorning this beautiful flower in their hair.  It enjoys a special spiritual significance and therefore it is used in temples,churches and homes. They are also used as offerings.

Sunflower –  This bright yellow coloured flower represents many qualities of the sun. The amazing phenomenon of this flower stretching towards the sun is called phototropism.  Sunflowers stand for adoration, loyalty and longevity.

LotusAnd finally it’s the turn of Lotus to display it’s amazing characteristics. It’s a sacred flower in many religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Egyptian religions. A Lotus flower is always visualized, surfacing from it’s murky surroundings. It means that the Lotus symbolizes Purity and resurrection. It grows through several phases before  displaying its true self.

The various colours of Lotus hold different symbolic meanings. But the white Lotus holds a special significance in Hinduism. In Hinduism white Lotus symbolizes beauty and a state of non-attachment. It’s even associated to all the Gods and Goddesses.  In Buddhism a completely opened Lotus symbolizes an enlightened soul while a closed lotus bud symbolizes a period before enlightment.

It was truly a fascinating journey to learn about these captivating flowers  and what they symbolize. We are enlightened about its use as  bouquets, garlands, in various flower arrangements and as gifts. The flowers would truly hold a special value  if the recipient of these flowers are also enlightened with their meanings. Do not hesitate to use the right flower for the right occasion in various forms. Being Nature’s most beautiful resources, they are certain to make the right impact.

Image Courtesy: Eskipaper.com

Fast Paced Life

We are all tied to a fast paced life with no time to stand and stare. But the balance of life lies in being in rhythm with nature.

Running, pushing and juggling with work,

We are walking on the fast lane.

Noise, pollution and maddening crowds,

Jumping into crowded buses and trains.

Rushing through life, at times we lose our sanity,

It’s time to take a break and look into our souls in silence,

A life of gratitude and  bonds with loved ones.

This is the key to live a life of balance,

Take each day as it comes,

Take time to enjoy the beauty of flowers,  and the melody of song.

Absorb every moment and everything  that nature has bestowed on us,

cause this is where we belong.

Note : Also published in Women’s Web .

8 Ways To Strike A Balance between Work and Health

If you are a working mother, chances are you are neglecting your health. Here are 8 ways you can strike a balance between work and health.

Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, preparing breakfast, helping the kids get ready for school, then in turn getting ready for work, hectic work schedules and finally driving back home to spend the last few hours of the day with family. This is a typical day in the life of the urban Indian working woman.

If a woman aspires to work and have a family life at the same time she is bound to face this schedule day in and day out unless she has a very strong support system. Amidst the hustle and bustle of work, how much time do women have to take care of their own health and personal needs ? Not much I guess. And in meeting her work goals, her family commitments and so on, she many a times compromises her health. It’s depressing to know that many of my own friends and colleagues have become victims of thyroid problems and diabetes.

It’s a known fact that due to work related stress, many women become victims of diabetes, thyroid problems and breast cancer (putting off breast exams) in their mid thirties. This is alarming. Does that mean women have to compromise on their health in order to work or are there alternatives ? The good news is that by making essential lifestyle changes, we can reduce the risk of diseases and improve our overall well-being.

Relaxation techniques

Beginning our day by relaxing ourselves gives us clarity of thought and sets the right mood to jumpstart the day. We’ve commonly heard about yoga, and meditation that works wonders; however listening to our favourite music or having a hot cup of tea by ourselves can also be soothing to our nerves. I’ve seen many who turn to spirituality and begin the day by reciting a short prayer. So choose what is most relaxing and what works out best for you depending on your work schedule.

Healthy diet

A working woman hardly gets time for herself, so making healthy diet choices is the most challenging aspect of her life. Can that be taken care of ? And the answer to that is ‘Yes’. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So fuel up your breakfast with a variety of food products that are high on nutrition value. Oats, cereals, muesli tossed with nuts and milk is nutritious. It doesn’t require  much time to prepare. Eating fruits can be another great alternative.

Lunch can include rotis/rice with vegetables or non vegetarian like chicken or lean meat. Sandwiches loaded with your favourite veggies can be another good option. Night can be concluded with a light dinner with bread and soup loaded with vegetables or Rotis with Dal and vegetables. Steamed food is gaining popularity too as it’s less time consuming. Steaming food like vegetables and sprouts keeps the health quotient high as it retains all the nutrition value.

One pot meals are just one preparation that contain all the required nutrition. So it’s less time consuming and it can be refrigerated too. Have a quick look at some of the one pot meal preparations in this article One-Pot Meals : Less Mess, Less Stress!

Continue reading by clicking the link -> 8 ways To Strike a Balance Between Work And Health.

Note : The post was first published in Women’s Web.


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