What makes India unique ?

A lot has been happening in our country in the recent past to the extent that we’ve become cynical towards our own country. I thought it would be a good idea to sit back and focus on the good side of our country for a change. This would be a baby step to re-establish our faith in our country.

India is a vast country with all its complexities.  But the fact is we cannot ignore our homeland. It always feels like home.  No matter whichever part of the globe we travel to, we are always drawn back to our roots. It’s here we feel loved and accepted.

I’ve listed seven things that I love about my country

1) Warm and hospitable people  – Indians by nature are known to be  warm and hospitable.  We open our homes and hearts to outsiders.  We believe guests are like God and they need to be treated with respect. Many  foreigners would also agree to this.  You feel accepted here.

2) Believing in family values – We’ve come a long way in terms of  modernity and being westernised, but we’ve retained our family values. Taking care of our parents and respecting elders is one of our greatest priorities.  There may be a few exceptions but generally parents are given importance and children are expected to look after their parents when they are old.

3)  The Indian food – We just love our Indian food don’t we ?  It’s so diverse and unique. Each regional cuisine is significantly different from the other. The Hyderabad Biryani , Rogan Josh, Poha, Palak Paneer and the list can never end. Each  cuisine is so different yet delectable. The street food cannot be ignored either. The Paani Puris, Dahi wada, chaat  and so on.  Spicy, tasty and tangy food is what we love.

4) Our bollywood movies – Our desi movies are different and  cannot be ignored.  where else would you find Movies with strong story lines, accompanied  by dance and music.  It’s unique and unmatched.  It’s one of the greatest source of entertainment for we Indians.


5) It’s diversity – India is known for it’s diversity and rich heritage. Each state has it’s own  local language, unique culture, local ethnic costume, and local food.  We are different and yet united.

6) Beautiful destinations to visit – There are numerous places to visit in our own country. In the north we have  Ladakh, in the west we have Goa, in the south we have kanyakumari and in the east we have beautiful hill stations like Darjeeling. We are blessed with nature in all it’s forms.  We are home to hills, mountains, beaches rivers and valleys. 

7)  We are religious tolerant – We have a mixture of communities who live in peace and harmony under one roof. Christians, muslims, sikhs and Hindus !  Each  community has a right and freedom to practice their own religion. We follow our own religion but  respect other religions too.

So, this is our incredible India. Hope you agree to the seven points, I’ve mentioned above. Do share your views on the topic.

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Wake up India

Google Image
Google Image

We take pride in our country

In it’s beauty, heritage and culture

so much has taken place in the days gone by

now, what lies ahead of us, what is our future ?

It’s disheartening to see the corruption

certain people tarnishing the country’s image

The pace of progress so slow

even though new parties come and go

The real soldiers who shed their blood for our country

to protect us day and night

sadly get killed by foes

as they protect us with all their  might

Wake up India  don’t stoically suffer in silence

It’s time for a transition

It’s time to bring in change and prosperity

That should be our aim and mission

Dedicated to my country India in wake of Independence day

The prompt requires us to use one sentence which has a pair of opposite words. It has been highlighted above.

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Nation of intolerance ???


I was browsing the internet  and came across an article that read how a man became a victim of road rage in our national capital.His name was Punit Tandon and was returning home after having dinner with his family in the posh greater Kailash area.An Audi car came behind and was continuously honking.This annoyed the Tandons who were ahead in their Honda city car.A quarrel soon broke out between the two sides.It gradually lead to a fight.The men inside the Audi bashed Punit with a baseball bat.They got into the car and dragged Punit for almost 50 meters.I was surprised and shocked to read this article.Have humans become like animals??It’s a real shame that such incidents keep coming up time and again.It’s a disgrace.Have we become a nation of bullies?? What is wrong with people’s attitude ??

Today, people have become intolerant of each other.In the race of success we have forgotten to be humans.We have become more aggressive.There are increasing number of cases of road rage,rape and murders.In this fast and competitetive world it’s important to have a good attitude.It will help you to cope with the daily life affairs.Life would be so much easier if people were a little more polite and courteous.It’s time for us as a society to stand up against intolerant behaviour.We should change our negative attitude and be more patient,sympathetic and tolerant towards others.Negative attitude serves no good to you or others.

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