Paani Puri is the great Indian snack or street food also known as Gol Gappa, Gupchup and Puchkas. It’s a popular snack among the youngsters, but older people also enjoy it equally. Everytime I pass by a Paani puri stall, I can’t resist having a plate of them. I’m sure all of you know what Paani Puri is, but for those who don’t here is a little description of the snack. It is a round hollow Puri which is fried crisp. This hollow Puri is filled with mashed potatoes,onions, chat masala, chickpeas and accompanied with flavoured Tamarind water. The vendor who  serves it, takes the paani puri, adds the filling and then dips it in Tamarind water and  serves it fresh to his customers. As soon as you put the Golgappa in your mouth it gets smashed as it’s very delicate and then you immediately get the taste of the filling. It’s normally placed in the  mouth and you have to eat it at one go.


You will find plenty of Paani Puri stalls in market areas, shopping complexes or near schools and colleges in India. I remember as school students we would often come out during breaks and have a round of Paani Puri . I’ve eaten this snack in Rourkela (Orissa), Kolkata ( West Bengal), Bangalore (Karnataka) and Mumbai (Maharashtra). I have to admit I enjoyed it the most in Rourkela and Kolkata, as they add more Potatoes in the filling.  It has a tangy taste. It normally costs ten rupees per plate in Bangalore.

Many vendors use gloves while dipping the puchkas in the Tamarind water and I prefer to go to them as they are more Hygienic. One must avoid eating them from road vendors in Monsoons. It’s because  bacteria may thrive on the food as it’s sold openly and is exposed to dust. It’s safe to eat it under Hygienic conditions. It’s a nice, tangy, and one of the most Popular snacks in India. Enjoy this delicious  and tempting snack once a while keeping hygiene standards in mind.