Fast paced life


Running, pushing and juggling with work

We are walking on the fast lane

Noise, pollution and maddening crowds

Jumping into crowded buses and trains

Rushing through life, at times we loose our sanity

It’s time to take a break and look into our souls in silence

A life of gratitude and  bonds with loved ones

This is the key to live a life of balance

Take each day as it comes

Take time to enjoy the beauty of flowers,  and the melody of song

Absorb every moment and everything  that nature has bestowed on us 

cause this is where we belong

This is in response to write tribe prompt

Photo credit : Morgue file

write tribe


12 thoughts on “Fast paced life

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  1. beautiful. In the hum-drum of competitive life, we have nice forgotten to enjoy every lil but beautiful moment of sipping an inexpensive glass of tea at the tea stall.

  2. HI Diana – you’re right, we do need to slow down and smell the roses! To do this, we have to consciously make time for the small things and big things we value in life. When I was acting on auto-pilot, a lot of things were rushed and fast-paced. I’ve made an attempt to slow it down and like being able to enjoy the ‘now’ more.

    1. That’s a nice piece of advice Vishnu. Finding and making time for the things we value the most is important. Good to know that you’ve made a change for the better. Thank you so much for the visit and the lovely comment.

  3. This is how we all should think, the recent tragedies that have struck our country should force us to contemplate on such things. A lovely thought Diana loved the poetry 🙂


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