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A few months back my eyes fell upon this movie channel on television named Romedy. It’s non stop entertainment. The movies are fresh with a right combination of romance and a dash of humour. Just exactly how we women like it and some men too. Isn’t it ? 

So recently, I happened to see a movie called ‘ Life as we know it ‘ featuring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.

The story revolves around the lives of Holly (Katherine Heigl) , Messer (Josh Duhamel) and Sophie their God child. Holly is a caterer and her career is just kicking off. Messer is a sports director for Atlanta Hawks.

Their common friends Peter and Alison set them up on a date which fails miserably. They just don’t get along with each other. Peter and Alison get married later and have a beautiful baby girl named Sophie. They chose Holly and Messer as her God parents. The story takes a turn when Peter and Alison  die in a tragic accident leaving Messer and Holly as Sophie’s local guardians.

But according to the  Child protective services the couple shouldn’t get involved and if they did they shouldn’t break up as that would affect the child. The couple decide to put their differences aside for the sake of Sophie. They live under one roof and go out of their way to do what’s best for her. Changing diapers, preparing baby food, giving her a bath, and staying awake late at nights.They did it all like any other family.

As time passes the couple tend to get close and intimate as well. They connect well and Holly is having a time of her life. They begin  to look like a perfect family. There is a sudden twist in the story when Messer gets his dream job in Arizona Phoenix.  He doesn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Holly is annoyed by the news and she drives Messer to take up the job. She thinks he’s turning away from his responsibilities.  Messer sticks to his decision and moves to Arizona. In the mean time Holly gets close to Sophie’s pediatrician – Sam (Josh Lucas) and comes to terms with her life. 

During Thanksgiving Messer comes to visit Holly with the intention of getting back with her. But he learns that she’s in a relationship with Sam – The pediatrician. In the midst of a conversation Messer  learns that Holly has plans to sell the house. He freaks out and the conversation leads to a fight. Both burst out disclosing their inner feelings, differences and emotions. Messer leaves the house.

The pediatrician who is a witness to this now understands that Holly still has some unresolved feelings for Messer. Being a gentleman, he decides to  step away from Holly’s life for her good. 

Holly races to the airport to stop Messer from leaving but she doesn’t find him. She returns home and dejectedly walks into the room to find Messer much to her surprise. They get back together and raise Sophie.

Holly and Messer with Sophie
Holly and Messer with Sophie

The movie throws light on the issues that couples face these days. The only difference here was that there were not married. It sends out a good message that one can’t run away from the problems in a relationship. 

The couple truly cared for each other. They thought it’s best to resolve their differences and shed their egos to enjoy the fruits of the relationship. They had put in their best efforts to bring up Sophie, even though she was not their own child.  I guess there were also rewarded for loving an innocent child without parents. 

The movie concludes showing both of them celebrating Sophie’s second birthday and their one year of togetherness with friends and family.

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